Learn about Harrison Richards Furls Crochet

Learn about Harrison Richards Furls Crochet. The man behind the sexy and sleek hooks was the guest on the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird today and told us the story about his amazing crochet hook. Harrison’s first visit of what we hope will be many more.

Harrison Richards (image from Crochet Savvy Magazine)
Harrison Richards
(image from @Crochet Savvy Magazine)

We don’t often visit with folks who have British accents (Northampton, England), so listening to his background story was lovely to hear. He attended St Andrews in Austin, Texas, which teaches K-12. While there he decided he wanted have a creative business where he would travel worldwide and provide a really cool product. He crocheted and knit, and in high school he made crochet hooks for his high school sweetheart, and sold a few to other friends. In college, he began tons of crochet hooks and sold them on Etsy. In two days he had a LARGE order for Loop (shop in the UK) and Furls Crochet was born.

@Furls Crochet, Candy Shop

At first, he made all kinds of shapes and dimensions, to explore what was effective, about 1,500 were made by hand. After about 8 months, he needed help with customer service among other things, which was hard to do, because he feels very strongly about the quality of his product. He brought on Chris Baker as a wood worker, later others to continue the Alpha Wood series (see also the Limited Edition) then Harrison began explore other materials, like the Candy Shop line.

Harrison studied how we use our hands, the MCP joint and it’s function when we crochet. Preventing arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and the damage that is very hard to heal or repair, many times irreparable, leading to having to give up handcrafts. Using a bigger hook or the ergonomic hooks can help. Harrison strives to make his hooks more comfortable for our hands as well as beautifully unique shapes!

The Furls Odyssey line is a nickel plated hook, heavier at that end for productivity, and, as the website says: unique center of balance creates a weight differential, driving hand energy into crocheting momentum rather than hand strain, with streamlined shape is extremely comfortable and relieves acute tension in knuckles, hands, and wrists.

Harrison says his someday have his hooks as easy to find and as affordable as what we might find at the big box stores. Plus he is working toward organizing our tools and streamlining our process. In the meantime, he has teamed up with friends in the crochet world for projects like Crochet-Alongs, which is where Lorene Eppolite of Cre8tion Crochet comes into the story. Each month on the Furls Blog, a pattern will be released and the designer will guide the Crochet-Along, last month was Crocodile-stitch fingerless gloves that friends of the participants noticed and asked for!

I love when he said ‘Life is too short, to work with ugly crochet Hooks’, and I believe I heard you cheering!

Furls Crochet can be found at the website: www.FurlsCrochet.com (look for wholesale if you are a LYS owners) and followed in social media at their Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube (or Vimeo), Pinterest and Tumbler.

If you missed getting to hear this LIVE,  you can watch the behind-the-scenes video from her Facebook page.


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  1. Jackie Watson says:

    It was obvious within minutes that Furls loves Marly! Such a great show and we all learned that Furls hooks are good for pencil grippers as well as other types of holds. Super prizes as well!

  2. Chris Lopez says:

    Such an amazing man. I loved hearing why the hooks are designed the way they are; he so obviously cares about more than esthetics and has done his homework about the human hand. So generous to give Tammy and Marly hooks. It’s quite obvious that Furls Loves Marly! I mean really, how can he not!!

  3. Susan Oeltjen says:

    Wonderful show today. Interesting learning about why they are made the way they are. You can see that Furls Loves Marly, both her and Tammy are gifted with hooks. Very generous. Now to shop and make a wish list.

  4. Margaret Dionne says:

    I really enjoyed today’s show….and seeing Marley speechless was great!
    For sure Furls loves Marley!

  5. Tabitha P says:

    I’m a younger crocheter who already experiences some hand pain from using cheap hooks! I’d love to get to use a hook that would help me continue crocheting for a long time to come! Thankful that Furls loves Marly and us, too!

  6. Carol says:

    Furls loves Marly and I totally get why! The show was awesome! First time watching and listening! Great show and interview! <3

  7. Maura says:

    Loved hearing all about Furls. Marly and Harrison did a great job of explaining how Furls are different from everyday crochet hooks. Furls loves Marly, and so do we!

  8. Marisa Buehring says:

    Furls loves Marly and I would like a Furls Crochet hook! I have been admiring these hooks since I started crocheting 4 years ago!

  9. Lindsay A. says:

    First time joining in for a podcast, and absolutely enjoyed it! Furls Loves Marly and so do I! Harrison let his personality shine thru, and that accent, ohmygosh! I’ve now added the hook pendant to my Christmas List 🙂

  10. Heather K. says:

    I’m not surprised that Furls loves Marly- everybody does. I have not purchased a furls hook for the same reason Marly didn’t. Now I definitely will buy one! Thanks for another great show!

  11. Donna Carlen says:

    Glad to be able to catch up with the podcast after it aired; so sad I’m at work during those times. Furls loves Marly – but of course. Marly is bubbly and fun~!

  12. Tammy Anderson says:

    The hooks look really nice. That is cute Furls Loves Marly. 🙂 Marly you are such a delight to watch. 🙂

  13. Katie says:

    I goes without saying that” Furls loves Marly” great show, I have lived in the US approximately twice as long as I lived in GB but guess what I still sound like a Brit,
    A little homesick to hear you Harrison

  14. Sylvia Earl says:

    Furls loves Marly. So interesting that I saw the crochet hook organizer just yesterday with those gorgeous hooks and didn’t know who made them. Now, thanks to this podcast, I do.

  15. Judi Cousar says:

    So pretty!!! I’ve not really tried any ergonomic hooks yet. I’ve only been crocheting about a year. Furls’ accent was hypnotic!

  16. Barb Dunkle says:

    I know that Furls loves Marly, but I fell in love a little with such a well spoken, charismatic young man. wishing him many years of success!!

  17. Andrea says:

    Furls loves Marly! Lol what a great podcast. I loved listening to how much you both love your craft. Thanks for the opportunity to win a cool hook.

  18. Kellee Napieralski says:

    I was feeling that ‘Furls love Marly’ vibe and enjoyed hearing Harrison speak so eloquently & intelligently about the design of his products. I am ‘hooked’ :). I so covet a lovely crochet hook… on my wishlist for sure!

  19. Mosaic Magpie says:

    It is easy to see why Furls Loves Marly and why Marly Loves Furls. I so enjoyed yesterday’s podcast and visiting the Furls Crochet website. Those hooks are stunning and I have a seriously long list for Santa! The ergonomic design of the hooks and their beauty combine to make a must have hook….hooks!

  20. Robin says:

    I love hearing the story of how Furls came about. He is so generous and giving, of course Furls loves Marly. But we all love Furls.

  21. Monica Popaduke says:

    Furls loves Marly……and so do I. What fun beautiful energy. I look forward to learning more. Keep up the great work and I definitely need a Furls hook or five!!!!

  22. Martha Donley says:

    This might jump start my crocheting. Marly loves Furls and Furls loves Marly. Can’t wait for the second date.

  23. Michelle says:

    Of course Furls loves Marly. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? Great, fun interview. Keep up the wonderful work ladies.

  24. Lauren says:

    What a fun & informative show about Furls. I love that Furls loves Marley .
    I think a Furls hook would jump start my crocheting. Thank you, Harrison.

  25. Cindy T says:

    So happy ” Furls Loves Marly”, we love her too! Great interview, loved the story of how Harrison got started making the crochel hooks. I”m definitely considering purchasing one in the near future. Recently picked up crocheting again & have some arthritis going on in my hands, hoping these hooks will help. After the Holidays I want to start making some charity projects for dementia patients in memory of my Mom-In-Love who passed away from dementia three years ago. Would be great to have a special hook that didn’t tire my hands out once I get going on them.

  26. Cheryl G. says:

    I wish I could crochet like my daughter. Furls loves Marly and so does my daughter. Got to listen to this podcast while I was at my daughter’s place. Good job!

  27. Tami says:

    Furls Loves Marly ! And furls hooks are gorgeous !!! Thank you for a great pod cast the other day <3 (hope you are feeling better marly!) (not sure if my comment made it – I didn't see it posted)

  28. [email protected] says:

    Loving crochet more and more these days and am noticing pain in my wrists after I do it awhile. The ergonomic hooks that Furls has sound both beautiful and functional. It is so nice that Furls loves Marly ( and Tammy) enough to give them hooks as well. Thanks again for sharing such great information again.

  29. Be says:

    Furls loves Marly sitting in a tree crocheting stitches ergonomically
    First came love then came a plan next came Harrison with Furls in hand
    Changing the world one stitch at a time making things beautiful with a special hook in mind!

  30. Margaret McNeil-Smith says:

    Hi Marly, hope you are feeling better. Love your pod cast. Remember, Furls Loves Marly and so do I. You have brought back my love of yarn and trying new things. Thanks Marly.

  31. Trisha says:

    I had never heard of Furls before, and great enjoyed learning about the crochet hooks and about Harrison. The hooks are beautiful, and I would love to try some of them out in person. I can understand why Furls loves Marly.

  32. Anita says:

    Furls loves Marly and it was thrilling that Marly and Tammy both get to choose their own wonderful hooks. It was another great interview. It was fun to hear this wonderful young entrepreneur’s story.

  33. bronwynthebrave says:

    I’ve been struggling with wrist pain (I suspect it is in part due to online shopping–whoops!), so I’ve had to limit my computer/iphone/crochet/knitting time. A Furls hook in my hand might actually get me hooking again. Whooshing one to my wish list. Winning one would be completely awesome! Furls loves Marly, and so do I!

  34. Jackie Subkhi says:

    Awesome podcast – what a way to spread the love of crochet 🙂 I’m totally in love with my Furls and great to see that Furls loves Marley!

  35. Amberly says:

    I enjoyed this episode so much! I have been wishing for Marly to interview Harrison for awhile; it was awesome hearing his backstory (his voice is so soothing!) and learning more about Furls crochet hooks. I am happy to hear that Furls loves Marly, because I would love to hear them back on the podcast again. I have had a Furls hook on my wishlist for a while, they are truly gorgeous. I agree with Harrison that the wood crochet hooks are the best, they are so full of personality. Thanks Marly for another great interview!

  36. Laura says:

    Well now Furls loves Marly like the rest of us. I’ve been drooling over his hooks for so long and I loved hearing the whole story of how he got started. Sounds like he’s got great business sense. I think the addition of the monthly CAL is a great marketing idea.

  37. Debbie says:

    I really enjoyed the show today. I have a furls crochet hook and I love it!! Not only is it wonderful to use but I just love looking at the beautiful hook!! So happy that Furls loves Marly and he was on the show.

  38. Jenny Yates says:

    I have NEVER responded to any podcast in my life but I just had to because this podcast was such fun (and informative) to listen to. My mind did not wander at all, which it usually does whenever I have tried to listen to an audio book. I can understand why Furls Loves Marly because I do to!

  39. Mary L. says:

    I am a novice crocheter and I really enjoyed listening to the history behind the design of these hooks. I am grateful that Furls loves Marly!!

  40. Kathleen Davis says:

    This was a wonderful podcast Harrison’s hooks are to die for! What a wonderful phrase “Furls Love Marly”! Thank you for another wonderful podcast!!

  41. Alyssa says:

    This was a GREAT show!! I’ve admired Furls hooks for awhile and it’s awesome to hear his back story & how he got started. It’s also glaringly obvious that Furls LOVES Marly!! 🙂

  42. Teresa J. Rush says:

    Marly, I always love your podcasts, the guests that you have are so fun to listen to and I always learn something new. However, this podcast took it up a new level of love. Just as you said in your interview, “I’m in love with Harrison Richards!” His voice, his accent, and such an awesome way of expressing himself. Please have him back as I want to hear about the exciting new things coming up in his business that he could not share at this time. Last but not least.it is no wonder, ‘Furls Loves Marly” because we all love Marly! lol

  43. Kelly says:

    It is always so fun to listen to Marly and to learn about someone who is doing what they love. It was so cool to learn about furls hooks, and about how Furls loves Marly.
    floridakelly on Ravelry

  44. Vicki Lynch says:

    I’m so glad Furls loves Marly. It was great to hear the story of your company and that you gifted both Marly and Tammy a hook from your collections to try. I can’t wait to hear them share their experience of working with them.

  45. Loretta says:

    How fun to hear that Furls loves Marly- and what I would love: my husband placing an order… I mean like tonight!! Been wanting them all for Christmas!

  46. Jes Bennett says:

    So much love, Furls Loves Marly and so does the world. This was one of my favorite shows! Such thought and attention to so many details. I know these hooks would be amazing to work with!

  47. Valerie K says:

    It was fun to see a friendship being born. Furls loves Marly and marly loves Furls. I love beautiful wood and elegant, but functional woodworking. Furls achieves this.

  48. Susan Ruggles says:

    Very interesting interview. Harrison is quite an artisan and entrepreneur. I wish his company continued success. Furls loves Marly and so do I. Keep up the good work Marly, look forward to your podcasts and tutorial videos, you rock!

  49. Pam Maher says:

    What a great episode! I loved every aspect of it and thing that Harrison has a great entrepreneurial mind. The hooks themselves are simply beautiful. So glad that Furls loves Marly!

  50. Lisa Shoemaker says:

    This was a fabulous podcast and I loved learning about the Furls hooks and the story behind them. It was fun to hear how Furls loves Marly and hear Tammy and Marly speechless with their gifts!

  51. amy says:

    I have had my eye on a Furls crochet hook for awhile. If I don’t win one then I’m definitely putting it on my birthday list. Furls loves Marly and so do I.

  52. Amy L. says:

    What a delightful episode!I crochet with plain crochet hooks, but now I want to try a Furls hook to see what I have been missing! So glad that Furls loves Marley so much to give her and her winners a gorgeous selection from their hooks!

  53. Caroline Wallbank says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this episode, we could all tell that Furls loves Mary! I would love to win one of these beautiful hooks.

  54. Steph says:

    I’ve never been one to enjoy using an ergonomic crochet hook, but now I’m intrigued and want to try a Furls hook. AI love that Furls loves Marly and the podcast!

  55. France says:

    Furls loves Marly, and I love Furls! I have been eyeing these crochet hooks for years, but after hearing Harrison speak to Marly about them, I’m just going to have to take the plunge. I wish they made smaller sizes of the Candy Shop hooks, though, and have contacted Furls to find out if this is something they might consider in the future. Fingers crossed!

  56. Lindsay A. says:

    Furls love Marly and so do I! I need these hooks in my life with the nerve damage I have in my right hand, and will be saving up for some of these beautiful hooks 🙂 I actually had to look up what Harrison looked like because I needed to know the face behind the voice 🙂

  57. Nina says:

    Was interested to hear about Furls, and of course Furls loves Marly – doesn’t everybody. Another great show.

  58. Shelly says:

    Very interesting podcast and beautiful crochet hooks. Not surprised to hear Furls loves Marly. Glad to hear he is working with designers to get the word out about his hooks.

  59. Pam Bjerke says:

    What a great pod cast. I couldn’t believe the colors when I checked out the website. I’m glad that Furls Loves Marly and I think he loves Tammy too!

  60. Sarah Short says:

    Learning about the Harrison’s whole process was so interesting. It’s nice the hear the Furls loves Marley just like us!

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