Happy You Year! Take Some Time to Stitch For Yourself

Yarnspirations has a wonderful new lookbook with the perfect theme: Happy You Year. It’s all about finding knitting and crochet projects that you can stitch for yourself. We so often craft for others, especially at the end of the year. That’s a wonderful thing, of course. But stitching is also a form of self-care. And when you stitch for yourself, you treat yourself to all of the pleasures of that.

Stitching as self-care

Benefits When You Stitch for Yourself

You get many of the benefits of knitting and crochet no matter who the end product is for. After all, it’s the process of crafting that gives you its benefits. However, you get an extra boost when you make the conscious decision to knit or crochet for yourself. Here are some of the specific benefits you enjoy when you stitch for yourself:

  • It’s a way of putting yourself first. Of course there are so many other things that you could work on. Likely, there are many things that you think that you “should” work on. But you deserve to have something nice and handmade, too, even if it takes away a little bit from other things. When you stitch for yourself, you’re sending yourself the message that you are a priority.
  • You set an awesome self-care example. Other people see you when you knit and crochet. Your kids are watching. The followers on social media notice. If the message you put out is, “I must craft for others at all costs” then you subtly tell others that they should do the same. On the other hand, you can send the message that, “hey, I matter, and so you matter, too.”
  • It helps remind you how lovely your craft is. If you’re often stitching for others, and especially if you knit or crochet for an income, then you can sometimes forget how special the finished product truly is. You judge it. You stress abut it. Or you simply move on to the next thing without really recognizing it. When you stitch for yourself, you get the chance to enjoy that finished item. It reminds you of why people actually do want the things that you make. (And it might even remind you that the things you make have a lot of monetary value, should you choose to look at your rates for things you sell!)
  • You get something that you want or need. How satisfying is it that you can make the things you want or need with just some yarn and a hook or needles? It’s truly a magical thing.

The Yarnspirations Happy You Year Lookbook

2021 knit and crochet projects you can stitch for yourself

This post was inspired by Yarnspirations theme for their new pattern lookbook: Happy You Year. The idea is that you can start the crafty new year off right by choosing some projects to knit or crochet for yourself. The new year is a time for a new perspective, which means it’s a perfect time to refocus on yourself. Or to tackle a new type of project.

The lookbook page will take you to knit and crochet patterns for blankets, sweaters, and information about an upcoming sock-a-long, All of these types of projects are cozy. What better way to practice self-care than to treat yourself to cozy crafting? It’ll be fun to knit or crochet these items and then you get to enjoy them. Whether it’s a blanket on your lap, a sweater on your shoulders, or the indulgence of hand-crafted socks, you’ll really be treating yourself.

Plus a lot of these projects give you the opportunity to practice new skills. Of course, if you’d rather relax into some meditative crafting with your self-care project, that’s totally okay, too. But if you want to boost your own confidence and get the year off to an energetic start, then learning new knit and crochet techniques while making something for yourself is a great way to do so.

Choosing a Project to Stitch for Yourself

knit or crochet as self care

Here are some tips to choose a project to knit or crochet for yourself:

  • Is there something you have always wanted to make for yourself but never have? Do it!
  • Look around your house and ask yourself what you truly need. What would make your life easier or cozier? From spa scrubbies and dish towels to an everyday sweater for around-the-house or jewelry for a special occasion, craft yourself the thing that you truly need.
  • Browse through the Yarnspirations pattern lookbook. Whatever catches your eye, make it. Even if it seems indulgent or above your skill level or whatever other excuse you can come up with – make it anyway.
  • Use your best yarn. Take your time. Treat this as the special project it is because it’s going to you, the special person it’s for!
  • Share it with others but only if you want to. In other words, no normal rules apply so just because it’s amazing and might get a ton of social media likes doesn’t mean that you have to share it. Conversely, if it’s totally off brand but you love it, share it online anyway! This is your project for you whatever that might mean!

Check Out Behind The Scenes of Happy You Year

In addition to all of the knit and crochet patterns in the lookbook, there’s something else you should check out: The Behind The Scenes video with Shayna Rose. Shayna Rose is a precocious thirteen year old who has interviewed several celebrities. She has a charming personality and also happens to be an awesome knitter. In the 13 minute video she goes behind the scenes and you get to see more about this lookbook. And she also has a waffle stitch dishcloth tutorial she shares on the same page.

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