Halos Of Hope and Drew Emborsky

On Thursday’s Special Podcast: Drew Emborsky and his amazing challenge for Halos of Hope!

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Drew has put out the Chemo Cap Challenge, to stuff the box in his Crochet Dude booth at Stitches East in November with as many chemo caps as he can possibly get!  Last year, Halos of Hope voted Drew as Man of the Year, and now he wants to show this amazing charity even more love and support with help from his fellow crafties, and our big hearted, awesome Marly, wants to help.

Drew has put out a coupon code for his website, where you can get 20% off your order of Drew’s yarn to give it a good “taste” between now and the end of September! (How cool is that??)


To go with Drew’s coupon code for his yarn, which would be awesomely ideal to make caps with, Marly has put two of her best patterns up for FREE so that you can make as many as possible to help stuff the Crochet Dude’s Halos of Hope!

                                               gerri capsous chef

Marly’s “Gerri Hat” and Marly’s “Sous Chef Hat

If you go to Marly’s Ravelry page, and click on Gerri Hat and/or the Sous Chef, and use the coupon code “HALO”, you will get these patterns for free.  Make as many hats as you possibly can, and send them off to Drew’s collection address, which is on his website here for you!

To make things even MORE awesome, Boye (the makers of Drew’s Crochet Dude Ergonomic Crochet Hooks), has made the most amazing donation/promise to cover the shipping of all of the hats that Drew collects for Halos of Hope!  How AWESOME is that???

(Note from Jolene: Okay, who else cried?  I was SO reaching for the Kleenex during this episode!!!)

This week’s little nugget to remember:  When God shines a spotlight on you, you should always stand next to someone who needs it. – Oprah (via Drew)

See you next week!!


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  1. Lorraine Weberg says:

    I listened to the show this morning, and I started tearing up myself. What a great project to be working on, bringing hugs to those who need them so badly. Thank you for the patterns. My sister and I have already started “Gerri” hats and plan to deliver them (plus more) to Drew in person at Stitches East. Both designs are really nice, and we have plenty of stash to put to good use.

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