Fun in the Sun Cover-Up by Marly Bird

Unique crocheted blocks form a comfortable and fresh fabric perfect for fun in the sun. The brilliant shape of this simple design allows this cover-up to transform from a garment to a blanket, meaning you have one less thing to tote around.

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Fun in the Sun Cover-up:

Purchase the Fun in the Sun Coverup on Ravelry

The Fun in the Sun cover-up is a great project to start now to have ready for the summer. Made from a cotton and wool yarn, Green Mountain Spinnery Comfort Cotton, it is the perfect layer to add a little warmth when on the beach. Working with cotton for a garment, you will find that the finished piece can be heavy and stretch while worn. The wool in this yarn blend helps to keep the structure of the garment. Cotton is a great summer fabric and the Fun in the Sun Cover-up could be made completely in cotton, but be sure you swatch to see how much it will stretch.

Written with a chart this pattern helps you see every detail of what you are making. Written in one size to fit as a draping layering pice, you can adjust the size easily. Due to the simple construction as a rectangle you can easily add more motifs to make it larger, or take away motifs to make a smaller version. Motifs may seem daunting because of having to join the motifs at the end. In this pattern I use the join as you go method to combat that task. I love joining my motifs as I work a project so that once they are all constructed the project is almost complete.

Gauge is important:

As in all of the other garments that I make, I highly suggest making a hanging gauge swatch before you get started. This is important to see how gravity will alter the size of your cardigan after wearing it. Starting with a swatch will also save you the headache of making the wrong size before you even start.

To make a hanging gauge swatch I start by making a swatch of the motifs. Typically I would say to make a 6 inch swatch, but in this case I would put together a few motifs to get a better feel of what will happen at the joins as well as the overall motif as it hangs. Then I hang the swatch to a hanger or clothesline and add additional clothes pins to the bottom to simulate gravity.

Take a before and after measurement of your swatch to see what happens to it. 

Purchase the Pattern:

Purchase the Fun in the Sun Coverup on Ravelry

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Be sure to add this pattern to your Ravelry Favorites and show me your version of the Fun in the Sun Cover-Up as you finish.

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  1. Lorraine Ewart says:

    Hi, whoever is there for this, my catalogue is from 2010 so I’m looking at anything that I can find on here, it’s been very inspiring so far. I am a very experienced crocheter so I don’t need lessons, I don’t mind giving helpful hints, if this is needed. I live in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, if anyone cares. I have been crocheting for over 40 yrs. along with knitting.

  2. Kathleen Champ says:

    Hello miss Marly
    Im hoping someone can help me. I’ve been waiting and watching for the superbowl Sunday make a long hat pattern. Yes I’ve looked at the pages we were working on tasty day.. many times . However, you mentioned you eye going top create apdf for us of that hat pattern. Maybe, lol you were busy as always, but weeks ended. I’ve been watching waiting waiting& watching and I cannot find it. I have 2 really needing to be finished and need that in order to get it done. Can yout share with me where that wad made avail. I just can’t find it lolol BI , sometimes i struggle navigating websites, etc. With much thanks and blessings to you and you’re family.. happy 4th of July❣

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