53 Free Patriotic Crochet and Knit Patterns

With Memorial Day and Independence Day coming up, it’s time to make your red, white and blue patterns! Make a thematic hat, a blanket for a picnic, a table runner for your annual BBQ, or any other item you need to decorate for a fabulous event, no matter how many people are there. Also, remember that a lot of these patriotic crochet and knit patterns are versatile enough to use at other times throughout the year. Many are especially good for summer crafting.

53 Free Patriotic Crochet and Knit Patterns

Americana Yarn

Red Heart has several yarns that come in red, white, and blue — in a single ball! Therefore, they make it easy to turn any pattern into a patriotic pattern without much effort. Of course, you can use these yarns however you would like. However, they often work best on a plain pattern that doesn’t have a complicated stitch pattern.

To Wear

From fun costumes like a Statue of Liberty crown and an Uncle Sam beard to practical items like a cowl or baby hat, get in the spirit with these projects to wear! Since there aren’t a lot of major holidays during the late spring and summer months, this gives kids an excuse to dress up and have some fun. Many of these are also great for photos shoots.


If you’re chilly while away from the fire pit, or just need a blanket for a long weekend picnic, these blankets are exactly what you need.

Home Decor

Bring the holiday spirit into your home with pillows, bunting, votive holders, vases, and more!

Cooking and Eating

Regardless of the holiday, a meal with loved ones is a classic tradition. Get your food ready and serve it with these aprons, table runners, placemats, and other patterns for the kitchen and dining table, indoors and out.

Dishcloths and Scrubbies

After you eat, clean up with these red, white and blue dishcloths and scrubbies. No grease will remain when you tackle your dishes with these!

More Patriotic Patterns


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