23 Free Knit and Crochet Reindeer Patterns

Reindeer are a common symbol for winter and Christmas! These majestic creatures are the inspiration for stories, songs, movies, and more — including patterns! So we’ve collected a fabulous selection of patterns in this blog post. Get ready! Make reindeer items to wear and for your home with the free knit and crochet reindeer patterns included here.

Knit and crochet reindeer patterns - Marly Bird

Reindeer Patterns For Things To Wear

Get in the Christmas spirit by knitting or crocheting reindeer-themed accessories! Hats are a popular choice – you’ll find lots of reindeer hat patterns right here. Whether for kids or adults – they’re all here! If you don’t want your kiddos to dress like a reindeer in public, maybe try the slipper pattern. There’s even a festive pattern for your pooch!

Reindeer hat patterns

Wrap Yourself In Reindeer Blankets

There’s nothing better in the cold winter months than wrapping yourself up in a cozy handmade blanket! Here are some great choices for snuggling up. Grab your popcorn and a mug of hot chocolate then watch your favorite Christmas movie!

Knit And Crochet Reindeer Patterns For Your Home

Sometimes you just want a hint of the season. Here are some smaller projects to brighten up your rooms. Try a dishcloth for the kitchen, a wall plaque for the living room, and a stocking for the fireplace. A reindeer crochet basket can go anywhere. Maybe it’s a great place for your tv controller or your candy supply.

Make A Gift Of A Reindeer!

Maybe you just want a quick gift for a work buddy, or something for a gift exchange. Here are some awesome knit and crochet reindeer patterns that shouldn’t take you too long to make.

The cutest crochet reindeer stuffie pattern ever! Marly Bird

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