12 Free Knit and Crochet Puppet Patterns

Many kids love to perform and put on a show. It’s a way they can make up their own story and share it with friends and family. Expand their imagination and encourage their creativity. Why not have them make their own puppets for puppet shows? Take your pick from this collection of knit and crochet puppet patterns below.

While some puppets are made for hands, others are just for fingers. Kids can use puppets just for playtime in the playroom. But also scrubby puppets can perform shows in the bathtub. Mittens and scarf puppets can bring their show on the road.

12 Free Knit and Crochet Puppet Patterns

There are tons of ways for kids to enjoy puppets. But, puppets are not only fun for kids. Kids relate well to puppets, so they can be a great tool for parents to explain things to young kids. They might even pay more attention to what a puppet says than to Mom & Dad! Especially with potty training, puppets can work wonders!

So check out these knit and crochet puppet patterns and see what might work for the kids in your life.

Bathtime Puppet Patterns

Bathtime is always a fun time for younger kids. Why not add even more fun by bringing some of these loveable characters to play among the bathtime bubbles? You might even have more fun making up stories too!

Finger and Hand Puppet Patterns

Knit and crochet finger puppets are quick, easy gifts for kids. Got a party coming up and you forgot to buy a gift? Check out these patterns – they might be the perfect choice!

Scarf and Mitten Knit and Crochet Puppet Patterns

What could be better than having a toy built into a functional accessory? Nope – nothing! These knit and crochet puppet patterns serve two purposes in one.

Shark Puppet Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern

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