17 Free Fair Isle Cardigan Sweaters Patterns

These Fair Isle cardigan patterns from Yarnspirations include projects for all ages! This is really the type of sweater that works for anyone. Fair Isle cardigans can have the traditional yoke or an all over or banded pattern. In other words, you can have tons of color and design across the whole sweater or more of just a pop of that unique use of Fair Isle design. IUse these patterns to make beautiful sweater and practice your Fair Isle knitting technique.

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What Are Fair Isle Cardigan Sweaters?

Fair Isle is one specific type of colorwork knitting. There are many different ways to knit with color, including different ways to make bold colorful designs. We cover lots of them in Camp Colorwork, including Fair Isle. Fair Isle is one of the most classic popular techniques. Once you know what it is, you’ll always be able to recognize it.

The technique is named for a type of knitting that originally comes from the Fair Isle, which is a small Scottish island. In true Fair Isle, you work with two colors per row. You might change which two colors you use from one row to another, so you can have a very colorful overall design. There are common motifs or design shapes people often use when creating Fair Isle cardigan sweaters and other patterns in this technique.

Although the technique itself is very specific, people today often use the term to refer to various types of knit colorwork. In particular, if you are creating stranded colorwork, people might say that you are working Fair Isle. If you’re using more than two colors per row, longer strands and repeats, and other changes, then you might not be using traditional Fair Isle but rather another type of knit colorwork design. The general idea is the same though – color used to make interesting designs on a beautiful sweater or other item.

Knit Fair Isle Cardigan Sweaters Free Pattern

So, now that you’re ready to make your own, here is our roundup of free patterns for you. These are all Fair Isle Cardigan sweaters. As you’ll see, though, there is so much variety among them. You’ll find sweaters for children and adults of any gender. You’ll find super colorful all-over designs as well as sweaters with only small bands of the design. Have fun exploring these options.

Helpful Instruction:

Learn how to tuck Fair Isle floats as you knit! This video shows you how to advance your skills when working on these patterns. Lean more tips and techniques like this – SO MANY MORE – by signing up for Camp Colorwork, a knit and crochet colorwork course that you can take online at your own pace.

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