44 Holiday Season FREE Crochet Christmas Stockings Patterns

There are so many wonderful things to crochet for Christmas. Sometimes, though, we overlook the obvious things – like crochet Christmas stockings. They’re quick to make, can serve as both decor and gifts and add festive fun to your holiday crafting. You can even make crochet Christmas stockings for the pets in the family. Here are 44 fabulous FREE crochet Christmas stocking patterns for Xmas stockings that you can make today.

Marly’s Crochet Christmas Stocking Patterns

You can begin finding FREE crochet Christmas stocking patterns right here on the website. 

Easy Crochet Stocking Granny Square Pattern

Granny Square Stocking - free crochet pattern.

The granny square stocking is a quintessential crochet design. People have used granny squares to make crochet Christmas stockings for decades. However, that doesn’t mean that this kind of crochet stocking pattern always has a retro look. Instead, this crochet stocking pattern uses contemporary colors and a smart toe shape to give you a modern stocking granny design that you’ll love to make, use, and gift.

Quick Holiday Mini Stocking Free Crochet Pattern

Mini Stocking Crochet Christmas Pattern (in 2 shades of green, and red yarn).

This mini stocking crochets up super fast. You can make them to hang as ornaments on your tree. They also make great gifts. You can put a few candies in them or add a tiny little stuffed animal popping its head out from the inside. This crochet Christmas stocking is worked in the round.

Collaborative Crochet Christmas Stockings Patterns

In addition to Marly’s crochet Christmas stockings patterns, there are a few available on the site in which she has collaborated with other crochet designers in one way or another. If you especially love video tutorials for making crochet projects, then these patterns are for you.

Rattle the Stars Crochet Christmas Stocking

Rattle The Stars Crochet Christmas Stocking - free pattern - stripes with star stitch. Marly Bird

Over the summer, Marly and Brianna K collaborated on a Christmas-themed make-a-long. This resulted in a free crochet Christmas stocking pattern called Rattle the Stars. This is a cuff-down striped crochet Christmas stocking that allows you to practice some fun stitch patterns.

Fur Top Christmas Crochet Stocking Pattern

White Fur Top Crochet Christmas Stocking Free Pattern - 2 stockings (1 blue with red toe and heel, 1 red with blue toe & heel).

Jessie Rayot designed this special crochet Christmas stockings patterns topped with beautiful faux fur around the edge. It’s warm and cozy, looks perfectly wintry on any mantle, and is enjoyable to crochet. And Marly’s done a two-part video to show you exactly how to work this toe-up crochet stockings pattern.

More Yarnspirations Crochet Christmas Stockings

Yarnspirations has all of these other FREE crochet Christmas stockings patterns for you to download as well!

Zig Zag Crochet Christmas Stockings Pattern - Striped in white, yellow, red, and green, hanging on wood mantel with white brick fireplace.

Other Fabulous Crochet Christmas Stockings Patterns

Of course, there are lots of other great crochet Christmas stockings patterns out there besides what’s featured here on the website. Here are 11 favorites; click on the image to go to the pattern:

1. Polka Dot Crochet Stocking by Brianna K

Model holding Polka Dot Crochet Stocking standing in front of white mesh curtain.

This free crochet Christmas stocking pattern uses a fun cluster stitch to create textured polka dots. For those of you who are bi-crafty, it comes in both a knit and crochet version. Have fun making both so that everyone in the family has a unique stocking this year.

2. Luxe Leopard Stocking by Crafting for Weeks

Luxe Leopard Stocking free crochet pattern, stocking partially completed and complete, on white background with hook, yarn, and Christmas decor.

Do something different this year. Make a leopard print crochet Christmas stocking. You’ve probably never had one, so it will be really special. It’s a terrific design for gifting to other chic people in your life, too. This pattern uses the waistcoat stitch, a variation on single crochet that’s fun to try.

3. Fireside Cottage stocking by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Fireseide Cottage Christmas Stockings pattern with textured vertical stripes. Red with white toe, heel, and cuff, hanginf against white wall.

If you’re seeking a classic Christmas crochet stockings pattern then this might be the one that you’re looking for. The body is red while the toe, heel, and cuff are white. It’s a timeless design.

4. Velvet and Fur Stocking by Moogly

Velvet and Fur Crochet Christmas Stockings pattern by Moogly, with Red Heart hygge fur and Bernat Baby Velvet yarns. (Pink and white).

This crochet pattern uses two fabulous, luxurious yarn options: Bernat Baby Velvet and Red Heart Hygge Fur. Wintertime makes us all want to cozy up. These yarns are exactly what you need. Try this free pattern for a cozy Christmas.

5. Diamonds and Fur Christmas Stocking by A Crocheted Simplicity

Diamonds and Fur Christmas stocking pattern with fur top - white diamonds pattern with grey top cuff and pompoms.

Fur really does add a special touch to crochet Christmas stocking patterns, doesn’t it? This one has that special touch. It also has a fun repeating body pattern, worked in a spiral in the back loop only, resulting in a textured diamond design.

6. Gingham Stocking Crochet Pattern by Divine Debris

Gingham Stocking Crochet Pattern in green and white. Houndstooth style check stocking agaisn grey barnwood woth Christmas decorations.

Divine Debris has a series of gingham-inspired crochet designs. They are country chic with contemporary flair. This crochet Christmas stocking pattern is part of that series, and it will add a nice touch to your holiday display.

7. Spider Stitch Crochet Stocking Pattern by Stitching Together

Spider Stitch Striped Crochet Christmas Stocking (grey and white) against dark wood mantel and light brick fireplace.

The spider stitch gives this crochet Christmas stocking a beautiful texture. It’s meditative to crochet. The pattern comes in the fun striped version but also has instructions for a solid color (with a second color for heel, toe, and cuff). Mix and match!

8. The Husky Christmas Stocking by Ginger Knots

Husky Christmas Stocking  - white fur with smooth grey cuff on white background.

This is another crochet Christmas stocking pattern that uses faux fur. However, instead of using it as a cuff topper, it’s used for the body of the crochet stocking. Since the faux fur doesn’t show stitches, you can’t even tell by the body that it’s crocheted. However, the cuff, worked in a different yarn, reveals crochet stitch detail. It’s a fun twist on a classic design.

9. Gift Card Stockings by Jen Hayes Creations

Gift Card Crochet Stockings - free pattern in browns and cream yarn.

Make giving a gift card a lot more special when you gift it inside of a little handmade crochet stocking. The pattern shows how to vary up the design easily by adding a tassel or reversing the colors. And speaking of the colors, the designer has gone with a woodsy colorway that brings winter into your home in a refreshing new way.

10. Velvet Stocking Pattern by Lullaby Lodge

Velvet Crochet Stocking in pink and white with heart gift tag.

Originally designed for a crochet-along, this velvet yarn crochet stocking is also perfect for a baby’s first Christmas. Or any Christmas. You can make one each year in a different color and have a whole collection of them marking the passing holidays. It’s cozy soft and luxurious to craft.

11. Bobble Stocking by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

Bobble Crochet Stocking - free pattern (Red with grey heel, toe, and cuff against lighted Christmas tree background.

Bobbles add a fun texture that delights the eyes and makes holding this Christmas stocking even more fun. Before you even get excited about what’s inside the stocking, you’ll enjoy the stocking itself. It has that classic design that’s red for the body, then another color for the heel, toe, and cuff. However, the second color is grey, instead of traditional white, which provides a contemporary touch.

What to Put Inside Your Crochet Christmas Stockingsknit and crochet gifts

Once you’ve used these crochet Christmas stockings patterns to make a stocking for everyone that you know, it’s time to fill them up. If you have knitters and crocheters in your life, then be sure not to miss our annual roundup of knit and crochet gift ideas. This Stocking Stuffer roundup includes stitch markers, crochet hooks, craft-inspired jewelry, and more.

What would you want inside your own crochet Christmas stocking this year? Share in the comments!

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