Expression Fiber Arts talks about Dyeing Yarn on the Yarn Thing Podcast

Dyeing yarn is a skill that not everyone has. Chandi and her husband are a dynamic team that have mastered the skill of not only dyeing yarn but running a successful business. Today on the Yarn Thing podcast we will chat with Chandi about her yarn dyeing business as well as her book about selling your hand-made items online.

About Expression Fiber Arts:

The story of Expression Fiber Arts started in 2011. Chandi was newly divorced and living with her brother and sister-in-law in North Pole, Alaska. 

Needing to start her life over and find direction and clarity she asked herself this question:

“What would you do with your life if money were no object?”

And clear as a bell, in an instant, the answer was in her mind. I want to own a hand-dyed yarn company.  That was all it took. She trusted that instinct and began the process.

Expression Fiber Arts Yarn Dyeing

When the time came that she realized she was making more in the yarn business than at her day job, she decided it was time to quit the job and jump full force into the yarn business.

She combined her love of knitting, crocheting, spinning yarn, weaving and dyeing, with my passion for business. Her husband, Tim, was able to quit his job and work full time on the business as well, making it a family affair.

The Expression Fiber Arts Mission:

Simply put, they strive to Inspire Joy.

Taking inspiration from the world around us and turning that into yarn colorways and blends for you, in the hopes that it brings more joy, more excitement, more color, more self-expression and more creativity into your life. 

Expression Fiber Arts website

Chandi and her husband Tim are also passionate about giving back to the world and donated tens of thousands of dollars to charities like Pencils for Promise, Kiva.org, World Wildlife Fund and various disaster-relief funds. They truly hope to leave the world a better place than they found it, and choose to use yarn as their medium!

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  1. Carol (Lynn) Wasylkevych says:

    Marly, I so glad you had Chandi on your podcast today. I first saw her yarns on instagram a few years ago. She is so creative, smart and lovely. Thanks to both of you lovely ladies.

  2. Maryann says:

    Really enjoyed learning about this designer. Very motivating and just like a rainbow, lots of sunny colors and dimension.

  3. Thadis Bostock says:

    I love Rainbow Yarn. One of the most beautiful colors from Expression Fiber Arts is OCTOPUS definitely a Rainbow of colors.

  4. Carla Carter says:

    I loved hearing about Chandi’s journey. I bought myself some of her yarn for Christmas. It is so beautiful! I knew it would be dangerous to listen to this podcast. Now I want a whole rainbow of her yarn!

  5. Dee Thompson says:

    I love all colors of yarn even rainbow colors! Thanks for the chance! Enjoyed the show and plan to visit her shop in Charlotte as I’m only 45 min or so away!

  6. Judy Grayson says:

    I am a new knitter so I only buy yarn per project, but would love to see a rainbow of colors on my shelf. I am a subscriber to Expression Fiber but have not had the opportunity to order yet. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks guys! Judy

  7. Elizabeth Ramos says:

    I was fascinated by your podcast on how you started a business from the floor up dying yarn. That is one aspect I am curious about how yarn is spun and dyed. I love rainbows they scream a new beginning. Even if I don’t win anything your book on the business side of crochet and knit is a very important item to have. If any of us contemplate selling our custom made creations.

  8. Jeanette says:

    Loved the podcast today. Chandi is one of my favorite yarn dyers and the colors she uses are beautiful. Hope to order a “rainbow” hank soon.

  9. Jennifer Miller says:

    Rainbow! I love Chandi and her beautiful yarns. Her beginner knit video got me started. Love her personality. Lovely to see two of my favorite peeps on the same podcast.

  10. airametj says:

    I enjoyed Chandi’s story about running her business along with her hubby. It was so nice listening to her share her vision and inspirations for her colors and the different yarn clubs. The word is Rainbow!!

  11. JoAnn Vandiver says:

    This was really nice to watch and learn about how you got started in your business. Pretty amazing. Yarn is truly one of my favorite things in life. I do love rainbows too, so it’s hard for me to choose which is my favorite color. By the way I loved all the shawls that you showed , favorite is Jazzy Barista!!! Beautiful just like you!

  12. Zoya says:

    Rainbow, love them but I don’t get to see them often since I live in NYC- did see one even a double rainbow when I was kitty sitting a couple of years ago!!!!

  13. Valerie Mizgalski says:

    Loved hearing Chandi’s story today.

    I’ve been ordering from EFA for 3 years, love your yarn and patterns! I have your yarn in a rainbow of colors!

  14. K. Eckert says:

    I am currently knitting a sweater using some of EFA’s Pearlescent Fingering yarn and every now and again it leaves a rainbow on my needles that brings a smile to my face. Thanks for all that you do. I really enjoyed today’s podcast.

  15. Jen Frnka says:

    What a GREAT podcast show today!! Chandi is sooooo wonderful! I absolutely LOVE her yarns, tutorials, and patterns!! Her colorways radiate a RAINBOW of possibilities!

  16. Barbara Plautz says:

    I’ve used Expressions Fiber Arts yarn in the past. It certainly is soft. I appreciate that crocheters are included (doesn’t always happen). They have a RAINBOW of colors.

  17. Kristin Kebalka says:

    Rainbow. I have received Expression Fiber Arts emails for years now, but it was great to learn more about Chandi and how she was able to turn her passion into her career. It was truly inspirational in a real and attainable way. Thank you.

  18. Carleen Roberts says:

    Chandi, I love that you find your colorway inspirations in natural things like clouds and a rainbow, but also in architectural things like grandfather’s library, and sometimes even let the yarn be what it wants to be, as in the case of “wheat.” I agree that life is too short for scratchy yarn. Yours is always soft and beautiful and well worth the price!

  19. Karen Biron says:

    Chandigarh is awesome! I found her when I wanted to learn to crochet while living in Germany! I have so much of her yarn and her rainbow enamel pins!!!

  20. Kristy F says:

    I was so excited to see two of my fiber faves together for this podcast! Chandi and Marly, you are both RAINBOWS that make this great craft so amazing! Thanks for all that you do!

  21. Elaine Perry says:

    I love Chandi’s a pot of yarn at the end of a rainbow enamel pin,love all of her differnet yarn bases and colors of the rainbow yarn too.You can never have enough of it.

  22. Carrie Dittman says:

    I love the rainbow of colors I can always find at Expression Fiber Arts. Chandi is great! Huge fan here!

  23. Gloria Diaz says:

    Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! I just visited your website; your yarns are gorgeous!

  24. Tammy LaPlante says:

    So many choices of colors and fibers it gives RAINBOW a new meaning. Both her patterns and yarns are fabulous and a joy to work with. Many compliments on the items I make!

  25. Tammy LaPlante says:

    The RAINBOW of colors in Chani’s yarns and various fiber are a delight to work with and to wear. Compliments of my items when I wear them. A pleasure to do business with.

  26. Chris Lopez says:

    Another great podcast. Loved getting to know Chandi a bit better. Her yarn comes in such a beautiful rainbow of colors.

  27. Stephanie Hernandez says:

    Hello i am so happy about this podcast because both of you showed me how to knit threw YouTube love you girls rainbow

  28. Maria Cruz says:

    I love Chandi’s yarns; she uses all the colors in the RAINBOW . Loved the interview (Sorry if duplicating, but was not sure if posted before).

  29. Sanjani Ramkissoon says:

    Chandi, LOVE YA girl!

    Your truly are a RAINBOW to us in the yarn community.
    I’ve been following you since I first picked up a crochet hook in 2012 (after my father passed away).

    Thank you for being my RAINBOW 🙂

  30. Lee says:

    I swear it’s a daily struggle not to go nuts buying yarn from the Expression Fiber Arts site. Rainbow colors aren’t especially my thing (more of a neutrals fan), but it’s still great to see all the vibrant colors that Chandi has come up with in yarn form.

  31. Diane Luther says:

    Chandi is such an inspiration! I love her spirit and can do attitude. Rainbow is a perfect code word for her and her beautiful yarn.

  32. Tiffany Jones says:

    I actually used her rainstorm lace yarn to make a Pascal tank top and it created this gorgeous rainbow throughout the piece like an argyle ❤️ I love all her patterns and her yarns are so luscious!

  33. Linda C says:

    I really enjoyed listening to the podcast with Expression Fiber Arts. I’ve been getting their emails for a long time. It’s so nice to hear Chandi’s story. I love knitting with rainbow colored yarn!

  34. Ginny Floyd says:

    Rainbow. I loved listening to this video this morning. Chandi I just finished two of your Crochet Blanket Sweater using the kit I purchased from Lion Brand. Wonderful yarn, and super fun,easy pattern. I get so so so many compliments when I wear it. Always directing them to your website for the pattern. Thank you so much for your wonderful positive vibes you radiate with love. Keep up the good work. I’m now going to search for another pattern of yours to get on my needles❣️

  35. Kristy F says:

    Two of my faves in one great podcast! Thank you both for all you do for the fiber world, splashing our lives with rainbows of color!

  36. Malisa Adams says:

    Rainbow is my absolute favorite color! Hahaha! I’ve done so many rainbow projects and Have some Neon Rainbow mini skeins!

  37. Kelly Taylor-Sorbara says:

    I just love the “Rainbow” of gorgeous colours available. Also, love to hear of someone having a dream and going for it!! Well done!!

  38. Tammy says:

    I can’t believe I’m just now discovering Marley Bird!! So happy to see you and my favorite yarn maker in a podcast. Both Marley & Chandi put a RAINBOW in my day.

  39. Karen Lampe says:

    Code word is rainbow. I really enjoyed learning more about Chandi and her dying and inspiration process. Thanks.

  40. Mearla VanDenBerg says:

    I love to see all the new yarn colors that Chandi comes up with (all the colors of the rainbow) along with the photo! I’ve order yarn from her a few times and love the softness and shine!

  41. Megan Gosiak says:

    I think rainbows are something everyone has to love. So bright and cheery, i love it being God’s promise to us. The sun will come out after the rain.

  42. Maureen says:

    Rainbow and the pot of gold found for all the knitters and crocheters who joined this extremely informative podcast.

  43. Cheryl Clemons says:

    Love the colors of your yarn. It is like the rainbow has come to life. Really enjoyed hearing your story

  44. Bonny says:

    Over here in northern California we’ve had a tough summer followed by good rain and rainbows to brighten up the days past. They are very inspiring.

  45. Vicki says:

    I love your colors! You hit all the colors of the Rainbow. I’m signing up for your newsletter so I don’t miss out any more.

  46. Lisa Wierzbicki says:

    I’m so very glad to have found you, Marly!! I actually used to be a customer of Chandi’s way back when she had her mineral makeup line! Then I found her beautiful yarn, patterns, and happy posts! Great interview! RAINBOW! I’m off to go follow you on Instagram and sign up for your newsletter!

  47. Mary McAdoo says:

    I enjoyed the show. Learned a lot. Sounds like she has a rainbow of colored yarn. Will have to check your store out

  48. Colleen Caro says:

    Chandi has beautiful inspirational photos for her yarn colorways. Always a rainbow of color. Thanks for the great podcast.

  49. Amanda White says:

    Chandi is so inspirational and I’m amazed at her ability to capture every color of the rainbow in her hand dyed yarns!

  50. Missy Schmidt says:

    I have been following Chandi for years and adore her! Fun fact- rainbow is my favorite color. But pink will do for the haters who say rainbow isn’t a color. Love and Hugs! Missy

  51. Border collie says:

    Just found your podcast!! Great! And now I have a new place to look for yarn. Lovely lovely stuff. But what I really like is seeing the hanks unwound. It gives me a much better feel for how the colors are: long colors, short colors, gradient, speckled. It’s fabulous! Rainbow

  52. tallcoolglass63 says:

    I really enjoyed meeting Chandi through your podcast! Thanx so much for having her on! I’ve been getting her newsletter for a while now but I haven’t been able to purchase any of her uniquely beautiful yarn. With every color of the rainbow available [and then some 😉 ] I would be hard pressed to pick just one color to try!

  53. April Graybill says:

    Rainbow! I’ve been following you for years and am so glad you’re back out on social media so much. I love seeing your smiling POSITIVE self! I purchased yarn years ago but haven’t found “the pattern” for it yet. Thank you for your quality yarns and great ideas.

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