Erin Lane Bags and Black Friday Deals

Needle OrganizerOn today’s podcast: Lindsey Martin of Erin Lane Bags!

Join Marly as she talks with Lindsey Martin, the co-founder of Erin Lane Bags, about how she learned to knit and how that lead to her wildly successful company.

Soon after learning to knit from her Aunt, Lindsey got tired of loosing needles (as we all do) and couldn’t find any organizers she liked.  She asked her Mom (also a crafter) if she would make her one and the KnitPack was born.  The same thing happened with project bags leading Lindsey and her Mom to realize they could make a business.  Listen to the show to hear the rest of this iSock Bagnspirational story!

New for next year you can join the Erin Lane Bag Club! Lindsey has reopened sign-up through December 7th! Get in now while you can!  When you join the club you will get FOUR exclusive Erin Lane Bags: One Large Project Bag (15″ x 15″), One Small Project Bag (12″ x 12″), One Sock Project Bag (10″ tall with a 5″ square base), and one of the new Two-Fer Project Bags (A project bag with a divider in the middle for specialized projects.) over the course of 2014!

You can find Erin Lane Bags at their Etsy shop ErinLaneBagsandMore and at trade shows like STITCHES Expos and fiber arts festivals like the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza.  Lindsey is also on RavelryTwitter, and Facebook.

As always the GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below for your chance to win an Erin Lane Sock Project Bag!

Last but not least today, the beginnings of the Fiber Black Friday Deals!!  Erin Lane Bags is have their sale Friday to Friday (Nov. 29th to Dec. 6th). Get 15% off the entire shop with the code bf2013 and if you have $70 or more in your cart, use the code freeship for free shipping!

Marly’s Ravelry Shop: Nov. 28 through Dec. 3rd use coupon code bf2013 for 30% off!

Drew Emborsky: Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 50% off all wool yarns.

Bijou Basin Ranch: Nov. 29th and 30th 20% off Lhasa Wilderness, Shangri-la and Seraphim. Dec. 1st and 2nd 20% off everything in the store plus an additional 10% on the new Yak Wrap. Dec. 3rd through 24th 15% off everything in the store plus free shipping! Don’t forget to check back with them for great deals on kits of a few of Marly’s new patterns in their Rocky Mountain Collection!

Indian Lake Artisans: 20% off needles on Cyber Monday with the code MBirdYarnT!

Fiesta Yarns: sign up for their awesome newsletter to get their deals (and you all kinds of other cool stuff too!).

Craftsy: Always check out Craftsy.com because when have they ever missed a big holiday sale! Don’t be surprised if there are some really great deals this week and on Cyber Monday!

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Let’s give some love to our sponsors! 
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  1. Akua Lezli Hope says:

    Sorry to miss the show, live! This is my first visit to the podcasts and I am re-energized this snowy, too-cold, late Fall day by hearing the conversation with Bonita Designs. I look forward to listening to the Lane Bag chat, next. Organizing yarn, tools and projects is ever evolving as the number of objects grow, and new skills and interests develop. Material management is its own area of expertise, and one wants the containers and holders to be esthetically pleasing, too. So thanks for connecting and presenting. I found my way here by way of your kind invitation to present others’ Cyber Monday/Black Friday promotions.

  2. Priscilla McLane says:

    Your bag club is a brilliant idea, I have a couple of your bags and I love them. I was at Stitches East and was able to try all the bags out. You’re pattern holder is great.

  3. kim dawson says:

    Lindsey Martin’s passion to me was the most brilliant thing about her. She has such a love for her family that it really touched my heart. We have gone through something similar and instead of giving up or letting it get her down her and her mom took the idea and turned it into success. God can do great things in our lives and is closer to us when we are down and in that pit where everything seems to be coming down upon us. He will provide for us if we let him but nothing is for free. I am so glad they stuck it out and continued to believe in themselves… because of that Brilliant choice we now have the option of buying and possibly winning their lovely bags!!! Marly you are Brilliant too though girl 🙂 oh today I was area 256 and when you said 2–5 I about hit the floor..lol

  4. Liz Aiello says:

    Wow what an inspiring and brilliant family. Lindsey will success and be able to leave her teaching job quicker than she thinks. I love these bags and bought two this year at Stitches East. I live the notions bag I purchased, it is truly a brilliant design.

  5. Abby M says:

    I was so happy to hear to origin story of Erin Lane! I love mine from Stitches Midwest. It was brilliant customer service that will have me back at the booth next year.

  6. Donita Westman says:

    As a former teacher, I totally understand difficult days & wanting to drive off into the sunset! I think it is absolutely brilliant that she found a way to use that emotional energy in a way that motivates her, makes so many people so happy, and will help sustain her family if she quits teaching!
    Best of luck building your business to the point that Erin.Lane can be your only job!

  7. Heather Bucci says:

    Your bag designs and pattern choices are brilliant. I’m having a hard time deciding which one I like best!

  8. Jane W. says:

    After viewing the website, I believe Lindsey’s color combinations are some of the most creative I’ve seen for any project bag. The business is a brilliant idea! The best of luck to you Lindsey.

  9. Sandy McCause says:

    Lindsey is a brilliant bag designer and her story is both heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring! Continued success and best wishes for this amazing bag lady.

  10. Kelly K. says:

    The Erin Lane bags are so cute and cheerful! What a great way to tote yarn! Practical and pretty! Ravelry ID: kellknit

  11. Melanie Hayes says:

    Marly it was another brilliant show, I love Lindsey’s bags and loved hearing the story that goes behind them. Continued success to Lindsey with Erin Lane Bags!

  12. janet gaffney says:

    Brilliant bags. So glad I found your podcast. You always make me smile and motivate me to keep knitting and exploring the craft world. Thank you and God bless you and yours!

  13. Vicki Lynch says:

    The two for bag is brilliant! It just might do the trick for tangles doing two at a time socks. Another enjoyable show Marly. Thanks again for all you do for the industry.

  14. knittinghawk says:

    Such a brilliant couple of ladies on the podcast today. I’ve loved hearing your stories and sharing in your successes!

  15. Dominik says:

    I have a thing for clubs. Getting surprises in the mail is absolutely brilliant. Couldn’t help but to sign-up while listening to the podcast!!

  16. Linda says:

    Just got a chance to listen to the podcast while working on my two at a time socks.I throughly enjoyed the show and I’m so happy for Lindsey. I started to cry when I heard about her mom. I think it was brilliant that they both came up with the idea and helped each other out.

  17. Suzanne Juneau says:

    I just finished listening to the podcast. I like to listen while I am exercising. Marly, you are brilliant ; I love your work. And Lindsey, what a brilliant idea you had. Congratulations on your many successes.

  18. LuvMyNewf says:

    First time listener; found you on Stitcher today. What a great podcast! Lindsay’s story is so gut-wrenching, touching and inspiring. I’ve heard all about the fabulousness of Erin Lane Bags from other podcasters and thought, if I got a chance I would have to check out her site. However I have to confess, when you two started talking about the bag club, I was walking into my office and headed straight for my computer (I might have even quickened my step). No talking, no “Hi, how was your Holiday,”…nothing. I paused the show, got on the website, and joined the club. I’m sooooo excited. I don’t own any of her bags yet, and can’t wait for my first shipment. I think my Mother’s Day request will be the Omni 🙂 I wish you gals all the luck!

  19. Samantha Murphy says:

    What a brilliant episode! The story behind Erin Lane bags brought tears to my eyes. As a teacher I understand the stress of the job and wish Lindsey the best of luck with being able to quit teaching and work full time with her bags. Marly’s podcast was the first time I’d heard of Erin Lane and I’ve since been on Etsy and taken note of all the bags I want for Christmas!

  20. Pat says:

    Thanks for the brilliant interview and for the introduction to Erin Lane bags! A great story and what beautiful bags & cases; I love the colors and the designs! I just might have to do some Christmas shopping there!

  21. Terri says:

    Am I too late? I only have one Erin Lane bag! It’s black & brilliant lime green on a white background. I LOVE it and sure could use some more!

  22. Suzanne says:

    I may be too late for the podcast but regardless, I wanted to go on record to say that Lindsey’s husband offered a brilliant idea on that divided bag and Lindsey is one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs out there.

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