Elegant Lace Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Crochet can be many different things. When you think of crochet style, you might think retro and hippie or cozy and chic. Unfortunately, most people don’t automatically think of crochet as elegant. However, it can be an elegant addition to your wardrobe. This elegant lace crochet fingerless gloves pattern is a great example. They’re vintage-inspired, elbow-length, and should make you feel special as soon as you put them on. Whether you wear them for a night on the town or as part of a costume, they’ll provide that added touch that takes your style to the next level.

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crochet lace gloves

Easy, Elegant Crochet Accessories

The great thing about knowing how to knit or crochet is that you can easily whip yourself up one-of-a-kind, unique accessories and clothing. And you don’t have to know a ton of complicated techniques to make elegant accessories.

For example, fingerless gloves are essentially long rectangles. Since they don’t have fingers, you don’t have to know about shaping thumbs and fingers like you would with full-on mittens. So, you can make something sophisticated using basic crochet skills. The right yarn, stitches, and fit make it all perfect. Impress others and impress yourself.

These gloves are designed to be not quite elbow length. They’re long, which makes them really chic. You could make them even longer – at or above the elbow – if you wanted to create even more of a statement when wearing them.

Lace Crochet Fingerless Gloves: Choosing the Right Yarn

You want to choose the right yarn when you make something elegant like these lace crochet fingerless gloves. You want something a little bit special. I originally designed these to use Fino from Alpaca With a Twist, which was an alpaca silk blend lace weight yarn. Unfortunately, that yarn has since been discontinued. However, here are some good alternatives to check out:

  • Aloft Super Kid Mohair. This is a lace weight yarn that’s a blend of super soft mohair and silk. This makes it somewhat similar to the yarn I originally chose for the project, although a bit “furrier” because of the mohair.
  • Gloss Lace. This lace weight yarn is a merino wool and silk blend. This is even closer to my original fiber content for the project. It comes in luscious rich colors.
  • Luminance Lace. This is a 100% mulberry silk yarn. It’s so soft to the touch. It’s enjoyable to craft with and feels super elegant to wear. It also comes in handpainted colors if you want something truly special.

Get The Pattern

The pattern for these lace crochet fingerless gloves is linked on Ravelry.

elegant lace gloves crochet pattern

You’ll see that you need to click through to Interweave to purchase the individual pattern. You can also sign up for their membership to get a discount.

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