Easy Knit Beginner Lace Shawl-Waterline Shawl

Learn how to knit an easy beginner lace shawl with Marly Bird. In this video tutorial you will learn how to knit up the FREE Red Heart Waterline Simple Lace Shawl Pattern. Inspired by beachy waves, this shawl is a great way to practice your lace skills. Focus in on the lace repeats as the yarn does all of the color work for you ending with a stunning shawl in the end.

Video Tutorial-How to Knit the Beginner Lace Waterline Shawl

Easy Knit Beginner Lace Shawl:

This unique shawl is made from 1 side stitch that is then increased using a yarn over along the edge of every right side row to get a right triangle. Sound confusing? Learn with Marly to concur this pattern.

This free shawl pattern uses one ball of yarn with a gradual color change to create a lovely gradient. This pattern is made easy with the help of this free shawl tutorial video. Beginner knitters and shawl lovers will both love this pattern.

Get the full pattern details here.

Video Tutorial How to knit the beginner lace Waterline shawl

Red Heart It’s A Wrap Sprinkles Yarn:

It’s a Wrap Sprinkles is the new color collection for the It’s a Wrap line from Red Heart. This yarn is the third in the collection and it holds it own when it comes to colors.

Purchase It's a Wrap Sprinkles from Red Heart

This acrylic and cotton blend yarn creates a complete shawl or wrap with just one ball! Knit or crochet easy layering pieces sprinkled with delicate pops of color. Available in bright cheerful shades and subtle pastels.

As you work the yarn will subtly change colors so that you have a beautiful color change piece at the end. Like It’s a Wrap Rainbow this yarn is made up of four strands held together. It might take a little bit to get used to the yarn structure but the color combinations and the feel of the yarn are totally worth it.

4 Things To Learn in this Video:

Learn how to do simple knit stitches that you need to know in order to make this pattern.

  • knit stitch
  • knit front and back and front (KFBF)
  • yarn over
  • knit 2 together (k2tog)

Video Notes:

This pattern recommends a size 6 needle and I suggest using circular needles to accommodate the number of stitches you will have on your needle.

NOTE: In the video I used a larger yarn and needle than called for in the pattern to make the stitches more visible on camera.

Through this video I am teaching the English method of knitting. You can use another method to work the stitches, your movements will just be a little different than mine.

This is a free pattern, get the pattern here: https://bit.ly/RH-Waterline-Shawl

Download the FREE Waterline Lace Knit Shawl from Red Heart

Make Your Own Easy Lace Shawl-Video Tutorial:

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Download the FREE Beginner Knit Lace Shawl from Red Heart

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  2. Rendezvous Lace Shawl
  3. Easy Lace Knit Shawls
  4. Lacy Stripes Knit Shawl
  5. Asymmetrical Knit Shawl

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  1. Jean Jones says:

    Just watch this video earlier this morning and can’t wait to get started on it! Hope I have a yarn on hand and don’t have to run to the store. LOL

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