Donna’s Denver Football Hat! FREE KNIT PATTERN!

Many of you already know the story behind Donna’s Denver Football Hat because you follow me on social media. But to catch the rest of you up… Last week, when I was visiting the Red Heart home office, I was surrounded by Panther fans, one of whom is the amazing Donna of the popular Donna’s Dozens.

So, the Panthers fan and the Broncos fan (me) made a friendly bet about the outcome of the Big Game yesterday 🙂


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Marly Bird and Donna #SuperBowl50 in office with blue & black balloons. Marly wearing Bronco's orange & navy blue scarf; Donna wearing Carolina Panthers colors hat and scarf.

The bet was this: If the Carolina Panthers won, I would wear a Panther’s hat in a video. If the Denver Broncos won, Donna would wear a Bronco hat around the office for a day.

Well, I’m not one to gloat, but …..


So, without further adieu, Donna, here is your hat 😉 And because I know many others will want to make one of their own, I am posting the Free Knit Hat Pattern for Donna’s Denver Football Hat here! (I will try to take better pictures later)

Oh, one last thing: somebody asked me if this is a quick knit. The best way for me to answer that is to tell you that I cast on at the kick-off of Super Bowl 50, and at the last play of the game, I was finished!

Easy & Free Knit Hat Pattern: Donna’s Denver Football Hat.


One size fits most


Yarn Red Heart, “Sparkle Soft” (99% acrylic, 1% metallic, 208 yds / 190m, 113g / 4 oz):

White #9001 (A) – 1 skein, or colors of your choice

Starry Night #9854 (B) – 1 skein, or colors of your choice

Red Heart, “Soft” (100% acrylic, 256 yds / 234 m, 141 g / 5 oz):

Tangerine # 4422 (C)  1 skein, or colors of your choice

Needle Size 8 (5mm) 16″ circular, size 9 (6 mm) 16″ circular or size required for gauge

Notions Removable stitch markers, yarn needle, pom pom maker


Use smaller needle for ribbing, then change to larger needle; cut yarn when changing colors; don’t float colors; use Kitchener stitch to seam the top of the hat.

Special Stitches

Stockinette Stitch (St st): in the round — Knit all sts, every rnd.

Kitchener Stitch:

Begin with yarn attached to the stitch on the back needle.

1: Bring threaded tapestry needle through first st on front needle as if to knit and slip this st off needle.

2: Bring threaded tapestry needle through next st on front needle as if to purl and leave st on needle.

3: Bring threaded tapestry needle through first st on back needle as if to purl and slip this st off needle.

4: Bring threaded tapestry needle through next st on back needle as if to knit and leave st on needle.

Rep Steps 1–4 until no sts rem on needles.


Donna’s Denver Football Hat Pattern

Using smaller needle and Color A, cast on 90 sts. Place stitch marker on needle to mark beginning of round. Join to work in the round and be sure that the cast on row is not twisted.

Donna's Denver Football Hat by Marly Bird worn by Marly.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: *K1, P1; rep from * around.

Change to color B

Rows 3-4: *K1, P1; rep from * around.

Change to color C

Rows 5-6: *K1, P1; rep from * around.

Change to color B

Rows 7-8: *K1, P1; rep from * around.

Change to color A

Rows 9-10: *K1, P1; rep from * around.

Change to color B

Row 11: *K1, P1: rep from * around.

Change to larger needle.

Work in stockinette stitch in the round (see special stitches) until body of hat measures 5 1/2″ or to desired size.

Knit 45 sts, pick up the smaller needle and knit the remaining 45 sts.

You should have half the stitches of the hat on the larger needle (front needle) and half the stitches of the hat on the smaller needle (back needle). And your yarn is attached to the last stitch you completed on the back needle.

Cut a length of yarn that is three times the length of the opening you are going to seam. Using a tapestry needle and the kitchener stitch (see special stitches) seam the top of the hat.


Weave in ends. Use a pom pom maker and make two larger pom pom’s in colors A and C and attached one on each side of the top of the hat.

I hope you enjoy your new Donna’s Denver Football Hat! Of course you do not have to use Denver Broncos colors when you make yours 🙂

Denver Football Free Crochet Scarf Pattern and Video Tutorial by Marly Bird. Scarf in Broncos colors worn by male model in frotn of metal fence/stairs.

If you make the hat, I would love to see it. Please be sure to share it with me on my Facebook page! You could make a scarf to match!

Written pattern copyright Marly Bird 2016, all rights reserved. Please do not reprint or repost this pattern, but please do link to this page to share this pattern with others. To print this pattern for personal use, please use Print Friendly button at the bottom of the pattern. Thank you to Red Heart Yarns for providing the yarn for this pattern!

4 collage images of Marly wearing Donna's Denver Football Hat. Navy blue hat with white and orange stripes, with orange & whote pompoms on 2 corners.

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