Crochetville’s Amy Shelton, National Crochet Month Designer Blog Tour

Crochetville’s Amy Shelton, National Crochet Month Designer Blog Tour creators visited the Yarn Thing podcast with crochetville logoMarly Bird today.

Crochetville began in 2004, grew and outgrew it’s original format! Starting as a free message board, folks could communicate, sharing and encouraging each other. It had to switch from that format because the site was continually crashing, to a paid site for nominal fee. It continues to grow, with an added blog. and has become popular on Facebook with almost 260,000 fans. 

Amy SheltonCrochetville’s National Blog Tour Month (this is the link in Facebook) happens in the spring and Marly has participated. In the past they’ve featured a crochet designer a day, but next year they will feature THREE Crochet Designers a day, PLUS giveaways and other fun things. They will be featuring Crochet-Friendly yarn stores, one each day, sharing how the stores are welcoming and promoting crochet.

Currently, Crochetville’s big project is Jenny King’s Get Squared project. This includes classes and a really cool thumb drive with all the how-to’s loaded on it. Jenny’s program includes how to start a garment, with a J-hook, trying it on as you work on the project, without reading a pattern in a simple granny-square raglan-shaped and it always fits. Amy’s enthusiasm for this is apparent, if you were listening, second only to Jenny’s own tickled joy. The class has been really popular and sold-out when offered in an in-person setting, so they are putting together retreats that will also show the attendees their assets and how to highlight them. So you’ll want to follow them…

You can follow Crochetville at their website, also Facebook as we said before. You may want to subscribe to their newsletter so that you may keep up!

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  1. Ashleigh Eden says:

    It was such a joy to hear Amy! You can tell she is passionate about the crochet community and. Could probably listen to her all day 🙂 The National Crochet Month blog tour sounds like it’s going to be epic, I can’t wait.

  2. Karen H says:

    It was really nice to hear how Amy met Jenny and is now involved in the Get squared program. This past March I followed the National Crochet month for a few days. It was very interesting. Looking forward to the next one. I like the train trip theme!

  3. Mona says:

    I enjoyed today’s podcast with Amy Shelton. It was fun and very informative. I would love to try the Get Squared project. I’m looking forward to National Crochet Month, crochet rocks!

  4. JulieRKnits says:

    I totally agree I am one of those crocheter that only did afghans…shape is beyond me! National Crochet Month sounds like it is going to be fun and informative! Thank you again for a great show!!!

  5. Missy Schmidt says:

    Last year was my first experience with Natcromo! I was totally obsessed!!! I stalked the site everyday and just loved it!!! Also- I’m totally obsessed with the Get Squared program! I would LOVE to win this prize!!!! Amy is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for an AWESOME podcast!

  6. Ida Williamson says:

    Definitely going to follow National Crochet Month more closely in the future. Great guest and info! I was logged onto Crochetville.com while listening to the show and looking through the patterns.

  7. Laura says:

    Can’t wait for National Crochet Month now! I was just getting going in crochet last year when it came around and was a little distracted by my little ones…. Thanks again for sharing such a great resource Marly! Any thank you Amy for all that you do for the crochet community!

  8. Michelle says:

    I heard about National Crochet month last year but was late to the party and missed it. But not this year. Listening to the podcast has gotten me all reved up for it! I’ll be taking the tour for sure!

  9. Suzanne says:

    It sounds like Amy and her team are putting a lot of work into hooking folks for National Crochet Month! The Get Squared Project is off and running and I’d love to have a chance to see how it works.

  10. Pam Geist Nanapam18 says:

    I have listened for a very long time and I have to say that I think this is one of my favorite interviews, the time just flew by listening! Loved it!! I can hardly wait for National Crochet Month I want to join in the fun!

  11. Mary Cast says:

    I enjoyed National Crochet Month in 2014 and 2015. It is a lot of fun to read daily. Something to look forward to. I am excited that you might do a retreat with the Jenny King Squared Project. Please don’t forget us Midwest people when you plan those. I live in Michigan and no one comes here. I would love to do that.

  12. Kim Schroeder says:

    Out of all the podcast that I listen to the viewers, I do believe this is my favorite. I can’t wait to bring the information back to my local yarn store. I teach crochet class is there and would love to figure out how to get certified to teach the get squared program. I also cannot wait for national crochet month.

  13. kathy says:

    I have added National Crochet Month to my computer calendar, and am already excited about it. What a huge organizational effort by Amy and her colleagues to further the joy of crocheters everywhere and spread the word about crochet for everyone! And thanks, Marly and Tammy for all you do.

  14. stacey humphries says:

    hi from the uk what a great podcast, i’m looking forward to national crochet month and LOVE the sound of the get squared project, fingers crossed i can get it here in the uk. well done for another great podcast marly and tammy. xx

  15. Sheryl sanders says:

    Another great podcast! I cant wait for National Crochet Month to begin.
    Thank Amy for spreading the word about crochet ,does she even have time to sleep?

  16. hotknitter says:

    Many things get a day devoted to it, like National Ice Cream Day, but crochet gets a whole month for National Crochet Month. Hurrah!

  17. Katelyn M says:

    Thanks for another great episode. National crochet month is my FAVORITE month of the year. Not only do I get to celebrate something that I love doing, but it is also my birthday month! I can’t wait to see what Crochetville has in store for us! I am very curious about Jenny King’s Get Squared Project and will be looking into it more. It sounds like a fabulous way to get more crochet garments out there. Thanks again so much I really enjoyed this episode!

  18. Mary L. says:

    Another great podcast! I am looking forward to National Crochet Month – love the train theme! I also found the information about the Get Squared Project very interesting.

  19. Amy D says:

    What an enjoyable podcast. I bought Jenny King’s Get Squared memory stick at the San Diego Knit and Crochet Show and can’t wait to learn the technique. I’m also going to mark my calendar for next year’s National Crochet month and the blog tour.

  20. Priscilla McLane says:

    I can’t wait for National Crochet Month! Crochetville is a great resource and the Get Squared program sounds awesome!

  21. Vanessa Smith says:

    I went to all of the sites listed for the 2015 National Crochet Month and I can’t wait for 2016. I really enjoyed seeing and reading about all of the designers. I LOVE CROCHET!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  22. Katherine T. Howard says:

    I enjoyed this podcast and the Get Squared program sounds fantastic. It gives me hope that even I, who can’t get gauge right to save my life, can make a garment that fits right and looks great. I can’t wait for the next National Crochet Month to come around!

  23. CraftyLadyMel says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast!!! I am one of those who have crocheted forever, but haven’t worked on a garment for myself and would love to finally try. I will be following along during National Crochet Month to see what else I may be able to learn. Thanks for all you do Marly!!!!

  24. Lisa Nixon says:

    After listening to the wonderful podcast with Marly and Amy Shelton I have had to write a note to my family and friends. “Dear family and friends – please make arrangements for all crisis and needs to be either before or after the month of March 2016 because I will be spending lots of time on the National Crochet Month then learning more than I ever thought possible about crochet”

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