Crochet Plarn Projects

Many of us find our selves looking for ways to recycle things around our homes. What better way to do that then by using plarn in our next crochet project. Plarn is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfills and a great way for you to make some amazing items.

What is Plarn?

If you haven’t heard of the term before, no I am not making up my own word. Plarn has been around for a while and is a great way to use up unwanted plastic bags.

Plarn is yarn made from plastic shopping bags. By putting plastic and yarn together you get the term Plarn. Although you may thing that it is hard to make your own it is really very simple. It is right along the lines of making t-shirt yarn. There are a few different ways that you can make plarn so you can find the one that you like best.

What can you use plarn to make? There are so many things that you can use. Plarn is a great material to use when you want something that is durable. It is great for scrubbies, market totes, and more.

Crochet Plarn Projects- earth day projects- images of projects featured in round upbeats, heart, basket, welcome mat

How to Make Plarn

Plarn is easy to make, but there is definitely a specific technique for making it! Check out the video that FaveCrafts put together to show you how to make your own ball of plarn. You’ll learn how thick the strands need to be, and how to ensure that your yarn won’t fall apart while you’re crocheting with it!

Go grab your pile of plastic shopping bags and check out this tutorial to turn them into something super useful and trendy.

Crochet Plarn Projects

Crochet Plarn Grocery Tote

Plarn Grocery Tote | Designed by Petals to Picots


Crochet Plarn Scrubby

Plarn Crochet Scrubby | Designed by Heidi Gustad for FaveCrafts.com


Crochet Plarn Lunchbag

Plarn Lunchbox | Designed by The ReFab Diaries


Crochet Plarn Flower Pin

Plarn Flower Pin | Designed by The Sewing Loft


Crochet Plarn Pop Tab Heart Applique

Plarn Pop Tab Heart Applique | Designed by Plastiq Recreation


Crochet Plarn Bangles

Plarn Crochet Bangles | Designed by Moira Crochets Plarn


Crochet Plarn Swimsuit Bag

Plarn Swimsuit Bag | Designed by Alli’s Crafts


Crochet Plarn Welcome Mat

Plarn Welcome Mat | Designed by Crochet is the Way


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  1. Aida Hartmann says:

    The church group crocheters crochet 3’x5’ mats out of Plarn. The youth from a sister church then does a mid-night run in NYC and hand them out to the homeless, along with a bag meal.

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