Crochet Crop Top Patterns

Crop tops are popular in the summertime, of course. They’re not right for everyone, but they can be fun to make and wear if they’re your thing. You can wear them over swimsuits, dresses, and other longer tops to create different styles. Here are some crochet crop top patterns for you to try out.

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crochet crop top patterns

Different Crochet Crop Top Pattern Styles

As you’ll see in the roundup of crochet crop top patterns below, there are many different shirt styles that count as crop tops. The idea, generally, is that the shirt is shorter than a traditional t-shirt or sweater. However, within that, there’s a lot of variety, from crochet bralettes like you’d see at Coachella to the increasingly popular bodiless crochet sweaters that you wear over other tops.

Crochet Crop Top Patterns

Find the crochet crop top patterns that are most exciting for you to make.

1. Boxy Cowl Neck Crochet Sweater

free crochet crop top pattern for sweater

Summer crochet patterns do include sweaters. After all, it gets chilly sometimes, whether it’s a breezy evening or you’re inside of a cold air conditioned movie theater. Crochet cropped sweaters are perfect because they show off a lot of your outfit while adding warmth and cheeky style. This one is super cozy.

2. Bernat Festival Crochet Bralette

crochet bralette free pattern

When you think of crop tops, do you think of halter tops, bikinis, and bralettes? If so, then this is the pattern for you. Make it to wear alone or pair it with the Bernat Crochet Festival Cardigan as shown in the photo. Make the set in the same color as shown or in complementary colors instead.

3. Blocked and Cropped Crochet Pullover

blocked and cropped crochet pullover sweater free pattern

Yellows and blues are popular choices for spring and summer crochet crop top patterns. This one combines those with a great blocked design that has contemporary style that’s easy, wearable, and yet very chic.

4. Summer Breeze Crochet Crop Top

crochet crop top sweater pattern

Here’s one of those indefinable crochet crop top patterns. It’s not a T, it’s not a sweater, it’s not a vest. It’s something in between all of those things. That makes it unique, interesting to make, and fun to figure out how to style with your wardrobe. It’s actually a really versatile pattern.

5. Clementine Chic Sweater

crochet summer sweater free pattern

This is more of a traditional short-sleeved sweater. It’s not particularly short, but would still be considered cropped by most sweater standards. Of course, you could always shorten a little bit if you wanted to. Or, for that matter, if you like these styles but aren’t sure about the cropped top look, you could always add some rows to them to lengthen them to suit your style.

6. Summer Rules Top Crochet Pattern

crochet cropped sweater free pattern

This is a great example of how you can pair super simple shirt construction with fun, interesting lace stitches to create beautiful crochet crop top patterns.

7. Crochet Corset Top

crochet corset top

A corset top is a version of a cropped top. This one is a camo design outlined in red with red ruffles at the bottom.

8. Eyelet Stitch Crochet Bralette

crochet bra top free pattern

Like the other bra top featured above, this one links to a pattern for a matching cardigan that you can use to cover it up if it gets too chilly or if that makes you feel more comfortable. Wear it as is festival-style or to the beach.

9. Lace Crochet Crop Top

lace crochet crop top

This top is super easy to wear but you need to be an experienced crocheter to make it. You’ll crochet more than 200 different lace motifs and stitch them together into the crop top. It’s a great design. And working by motifs is nice and lightweight for summer crafting.

10. Red Heart Trendy Crochet Top

crochet cropped sweater pattern

This is a perfect cropped crochet sweater pattern. It’s long-sleeve and cozy but short and trendy. You’ll work with some fun stitches including short loops, long loops, and linked treble crochet stitches. The top and arms are openwork so it’s not overly heavy for a summer sweater.

11. Fire and Ice Poncho

cropped poncho free crochet pattern

You might not think to look at crochet poncho patterns when you want to make a cropped top. However, you can wear this one in different ways. And worn as shown in the photo, it works as a crochet crop top pattern. It’s boldly colorful and beautiful and perfect for spring and summer!

12. Terracotta Cropped Tank

cropped crochet tank top

Tanks tops are quintessential items for a summer wardrobe. Cropped tanks like this one are stylish. That great terracotta color will also wear well into the fall when paired with warmer layers.

13. Easy Crochet Crop Top Pattern

easy crochet crop top pattern

This is a beginner-friendly crochet crop top pattern that’s a sleeveless, v-neck design.

14. Rusty Road Crop Top

easy crochet crop top pattern

Crochet two simple lace rectangles. Seam them together. You end up with a surprisingly sleek top.

15. Plush and Blush Crop Top

cropped crochet mohair sweater pattern

This is a cozy cropped crochet sweater. You’ll combine fingering weight yarn with mohair for that soft, fluffy fabric. This pattern comes with a helpful video tutorial.

16. Striped Crochet Crop Top

striped crochet crop top pattern

This is one of the most classic crochet crop top patterns. It’s sleeveless, short but not too short, and designed in summery blue and yellow stripes.

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