Craft Summer Reading – A Yarn and Books Summer Make-Along!!

I am so thrilled to have teamed up with Robyn in collaboration with Erin Lane Bags and Destination Yarn to bring you this summer’s Craft Summer Reading Make-alongs. We’ll have three two-week-long make-alongs, each with one knit and one crochet option – for a total of six patterns over six weeks if you’re BiCrafty. You can choose from one of three genres (romance, thriller and SciFi) or make them all. But that’s just the beginning. You’ll order your boxes to get so much more than the yarn and the pattern – there’s a Craft Summer Reading list, a course, Erin Lane bags, and the community experience, which includes so much. We can’t wait to share it with you; but it’s coming up fast so order your Craft Summer Reading Boxes soon!

Craft Summer Reading

How Does Craft Summer Reading Work?

First, you order a box (or three). Each box is themed to one of the three reading genres (romance, thriller, SciFi.) Each box comes with all six knit and crochet patterns designed by myself and Robyn. Each box also comes with:

  • Three 50 gram skeins of Destination Yarn’s Souvenir DK weight yarn in three new, exclusive colorways to fit the theme of each box.
  • Matching handmade bags by Erin Lane Bags; all new and custom-designed, with a different type of bag in each box.
  • Each of the four creators have added their book suggestions to a Craft Summer Reading list.
  • Non-food extra treats are included in the box to surprise and delight you.
  • In addition to the patterns, you get a full digital course for the make-along.

Camp Colorwork

We’re calling that digital course Camp Colorwork. When you order one box for this make-along, you get all six patterns – three knit, three crochet. Moreover, you get access to Camp Colorwork, a complete video class on improving and learning color work techniques in both knit and crochet. And we’ll offer pattern support during the make-along.

It’s All About the Craft Community

Well, it’s also about the great yarn and books and patterns and bags. But we join CALs/ KALs in large part because of the community right? There’s an exclusive Facebook Group for Craft Summer Reading. For six weeks this summer, join us for reading suggestions, reading parties, trivia, and more.

Which Box Should I Order?

Craft Summer Reading Themes

You can order one, two, or more boxes to participate in the make-alongs. Each box has its own theme and color story, related to the genre. Each box will actually work with any of the six included patterns. So, if you want to get just one box, say in the romance theme, and crochet just one of the patterns, then you can do that.

For exmaple:

craft summer reading thriller box

However, the make-along lasts for six weeks, and we’ll highlight each box for two weeks at a time. It all kicks off the Romance Box first on June 21st, followed by the SciFi box two weeks later, then the Thriller box starts two weeks after that on July 19th, 2022.

So, you might have more fun if you order all three boxes and make three of the patterns. In case you want to do that, we’ve made it easier for you by offering $10 off any two boxes using code TWOBOXES and $20 off any three boxes using code THREEBOXES. ORDER HERE.

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