Planned Pooling Crochet Update: It’s EASIER?

I have a planned pooling crochet update for you! The planned pooling crochet trend has been growing for some time now. The downfall of the yarns on the market was that you had to fiddle with them to get the pattern to work just right. But what if I told you that there’s now a yarn developed specifically for planned pooling?

That’s right, the hard measuring and counting of color repeats is over! We designed this yarn precisely for planned pooling in crochet.

The wait is over; that yarn is here, and yes – I was part of the design process!

Get all of the details below.

Note that you can use almost any variegated yarn with consistent lengths of color for crochet color pooling.

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What is Planned Pooling Crochet?

Just in case some out there haven’t heard of planned pooling crochet, I wanted to start us all off on the same page. Planned pooling is a technique where you intentionally work the colors of variegated yarn to make a design or color effect while working on your project.

In the past, planned pooling has taken some work to figure out the ‘math’ of the yarn to get it to work the way that you want. It isn’t a straightforward technique. Sometimes you have to make adjustments and use multiple crochet hooks in one project just to get the effect that you want.

Many people have been interested in making planned pooling projects but have given up. They thought they could just pick up the yarn and go, and that wasn’t the case. I heard the complaints about the limited yarn on the market and worked with Red Heart to make something amazing.

Developing Red Heart Super Saver Pooling Yarn

Red Heart Super Saver Planned Pooling Yarn

When the planned pooling crochet phenomenon started, I jumped right in as I felt there was something special there. I started to make videos to show people how to work the technique and how to make it easier. With the current yarns on the market, there was a lot of variation and guesswork involved to get the beautiful argyle pattern to appear.

Over time, I saw the need to have a yarn that was designed for planned pooling. This would take away some of the frustrations people were having with the current yarn options.

Being the Spokesperson for Red Heart, I knew that I could help make a difference and make Red Heart the leader in pooling yarn.

First, we started talking about having a consistent color length. Color length is so important to the planned pooling process. Without consistent color lengths and gauges, you won’t be able to accomplish the technique.

Red Heart Super Saver Planned Pooling Crochet Yarn. Beautiful multicolor blanket.

To figure out the best color lengths, we used the planned pooling calculator and the moss stitch. Although you can work the pooling yarn with other stitches (it does not work well with the granny stitch because the color lengths are not quite long enough), we developed the yarn with moss stitch in mind.

Each color length in this yarn is 12 inches, and most of the balls have five different colors in them. With the six current color options available, you can pick something in the right palette for you.

All of the colors are available on the Red Heart website, and your local box stores picked up the colors that they wanted, so be sure to check there as well.

Learn How to do Planned Pooling Crochet

On the blog, you will find a section devoted to planned pooling topics. You’ll notice many of the posts are centered around the variegated yarns that have been available in the past. I will be bringing out some new blog posts giving tips and tricks using the new yarn as well.

Visit the Marly Bird YouTube channel to see a selection of videos showing you how to work the planned pooling technique.

The Best Crochet Planned Pooling Video by Marly Bird

A great resource for beginners is the Planned Pooling Crochet Facebook group. Head there if you have questions or want to share your projects. There, you will find many wonderful crocheters who love sharing all about their planned pooling journey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this planned pooling crochet update. Stay tuned for more info…

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  1. Cat Ellington says:

    I recommend not buying variegated yarn online. Same dye lot yarns do vary in color intensity and lengths of color in each skein according to email I received from Red Heart yarn.

  2. Mary Arrowood says:

    I am having problems pooling for argyle blanket I can not get the pattern I trying to do what they say and I watched the video but not getting it to happen. Could somebody please help me with this. I did this before either rainbow color and I did not have any problem, but this is getting the best of me my email is [email protected]

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