Colorful Mitered Knit Afghan Pattern

The Hue Shift Afghan Pattern from KnitPicks is such a great example of simple stitching, smart construction, and bold use of color. This is a mitered knit afghan pattern. You’ll work in simple garter stitch with a unique approach to get a a bold blanket. It works in many different color combinations, so whether you’re looking for rainbow, hues of blue, pastels, or even neutrals, you’ll be able to find what works for you.

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mitered knit blanket pattern - Marly Bird

Mitered Knit Afghan Construction

You’re going to use simple garter stitch to create this knit blanket. The reason it looks so complex is because of the smart color layout combined with the unique construction. It’s listed as an intermediate pattern due to this.

You will actually construct four large panels of knit mitered squares. You will start in the corner of one large square, picking up mitered squares as you go, essentially creating a corner to corner knit panel. As KnitPicks says, “The first square cast on becomes one of the four corners of the afghan where four more squares are picked up and knit one after another.”

You’ll create four of these panels, seaming the large panels together at the end into one big square. This creates a stunning design with smart color play. A simple border at the end brings the whole thing together. It’s the kind of project you’ll impress yourself with. Of course, you’ll impress others as well. So, whether it’s for you or for a gift, this is a great blanket pattern.

11 Colors, Many Combinations

You’ll work with nearly one dozen colors in this knit blanket pattern. KnitPicks suggests several different color combinations including Rainbow, Jewel, Pastel, and “Decor” tones. That said, you can, of course, put together your own set of 11 colors to work with as you knit this afghan. If you feel confident playing with color, go for it! If you want more guidance, choose one of the options KnitPicks suggests.

Sport Weight or Worsted Weight Knit Blanket

You can choose to use either sport weight or worsted weight yarn to knit this blanket. KnitPicks suggests Brava Sportweight or Mighty Stitch Worsted Weight for the yarn. Worked to gauge, the finished blankets are 50″ square in sportweight or 59″ square in worsted weight. Of course, you could also choose a bulky weight yarn to make an even bigger, heavier knit blanket.

Learn to Knit Mitered Squares

If you’ve never done mitered knitting before, or you need a refresher course, check out my video tutorial and scarf pattern for learning to knit mitered squares:

Get The Hue Shift Afghan Pattern

Ready to take things to the next level and make the colorful mitered knit afghan? The pattern by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence is available for sale through KnitPicks:

Rainbow Colorful Mitered Knit Afghan Pattern - Marly Bird

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