Classic Crochet Cozy Collection CAL and eBook

Three of my favorite crochet designers have just announced that they’ve come together to create the coziest, comfiest crochet pattern collection, CAL and ebook for you. The Classic Crochet Cozy Collection launched today and the CAL begins next week. Each week you’ll make a new cozy crochet accessory, practicing unique stitches, and at the end of the month you’ll have the whole cute collection to wear. Check it out now.

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What Is The Classic Crochet Cozy Collection?

This is an eBook and crochet-along that provides you with all of the information that you need in order to create beautiful new crochet accessories. You’ll have the opportunity to create crochet gloves, socks, and hats. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to work with three terrific crochet stitch patterns: knit purl crochet stitch, herringbone moss stitch, and single crochet herringbone stitch. Pushing yourself to learn new stitches is a great way to feel amazing about what you’re creating. Doing so with the all of the help from three great crochet designers is a smart way to go about that.

cozy crochet cal and ebook

When Is The Classic Crochet Cozy Collection CAL?

You can go check out the ebook and supplies right now. The CAL begins on January 17th, 2022. That’s when Hannah of Han Jan Crochet will show you how to crochet the herringbone moss mittens. The following week, Briana K Designs will show you how to use the knit purl crochet stitch to make the comfiest crochet socks. And then it all wraps up on January 31, 2021 when Michelle of MJ’s Off The Hook Designs teaches you how to use single crochet herringbone stitch to make a perfectly cute and cozy crochet hat.

What’s Included In This Project?

Here’s what they have to offer that makes it way better than just buying separate crochet patterns for your head, hands, and feet:

  • Comprehensive ebook with detailed patterns that include great photos, schematics, etc.
  • Full video tutorial to go with each of the patterns so that you’ll know exactly how to make them
  • Tips for how to work with different construction techniques, improve the finishing on each project, and more
  • Additional information on how to customize each of the three patterns with different options
  • Community support and fun during the CAL when you join each designer’s online crochet community group; you might even make new friends!
crochet cozy collection cal

Don’t Wait, It’s Already Launched and the CAL Begins Soon

You want to go sign up for this opportunity right now. You’ll get access to the materials list so that you can order what you need before the CAL begins. Then the CAL begins on January 17th. Of course, you could opt to use the ebook and videos to make your patterns at any time. Nevertheless, the community aspect of the CAL offers such great support that you really want to start now. Moreover, the ebook is only available for a limited time, through February 6, 2022, so you don’t want to miss out on getting it!

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