Crochet Rainbow Blanket Pattern with Video Tutorial

Welcome, crocheters! Looking for the perfect crochet rainbow blanket pattern to make a cozy covering for that special little one? Or just an adorable addition to your stash of handmade crochet items? We’ve got something truly special to share with you today: The Chasing Rainbows Crochet Baby Blanket.

This beautiful rainbow crochet design is energetic and fun! Its bright stitches really pop against a white background of subtle texture. We have the free pattern and a video tutorial made by Marly Bird that guides us through each step.

So grab that hook and join us on this journey! Let’s take a closer look at how you can create this gorgeous bubbly baby blanket in no time at all!

Yarn used in the free blanket pattern - Marly Bird

Where To Find The Pattern

Over on Red Heart’s website, you’ll find the Chasing Rainbows crochet baby blanket as a FREE pattern to download. I created this pattern to be the perfect bright and cheery gift for the next baby shower you go to. With 15 colors to choose from you can customize this blanket for the child so they’ll love it forever.

Many have asked that I make a video tutorial about the crochet rainbow blanket pattern I designed for Red Heart. The stitch pattern is the main part of making this crochet baby blanket for someone special. Designed using Red Heart Gumdrop, which comes in 15 colors, you can choose the perfect color combination.

In the video tutorial, you will find a few important teaching points. Be on the lookout for the following tips. They’re great ways to expand your crochet skill set.

Chasing Rainbows Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial: Learning Points

Small image Marly Bird™ Free Pattern and Video Tutorial

Although this crochet rainbow blanket pattern is written as a baby blanket size, it can be customized to any size. Using a stitch multiple of 6 + 4 to create the pattern allows you to easily change the size. Change the size of this blanket for a child or adult simply by increasing the number of chains. Make sure they follow the stitch multiple.

Blanket size chart - Marly Bird

Ends, And Weaving Them In…

If you haven’t guessed by looking at the finished blanket let me warn you! There are LOTS of ends to weave in at the end of this project. Each row is fastened off before starting the next. This translates into two ends to weave in for every row. Because there are so many ends, and I want you to feel confident giving this as a gift, I added a tutorial section on how to weave in your ends.

Edited to add: BUT, if you choose a long color changing yarn, you can make this without cutting the color every row. Below the video I mention using Red Heart Ombre yarn. 

Those with children will know that baby items are washed often. They are loved hard and washed often. Acrylic yarn is a great choice when making crochet baby items, and Gumdrop is 100% acrylic. Though acrylic may not be as luxurious as some natural fibers, it is machine washable and dryer-friendly. Two things that every new mom wants to hear! If you don’t weave in your ends well and very securely, when you the wash blanket those ends may pop out. If you take the time to make this beautiful blanket, please take time to weave in your ends securely.

Let’s talk briefly about the colors. I designed this to be a beautiful crochet rainbow blanket pattern that will delight the mom and the kiddo. The bright colors are exciting to see and to wrap up in; plus, you know I love a good rainbow! Remember, if you make this blanket in more than one color you will need to cut the yarn after EVERY ROW!

Is this like Inset Mosaic Crochet?

If you watch the ‘lunch-and-learn’ for this baby blanket you will hear me say that it isn’t. But then I went and treated it like one…DOH! I was quickly corrected by others who were watching… And, I realized that I made this blanket so it looked the same on both sides. I encased the skipped row of stitches when I worked the X stitch two rows below.

NOTE: If you watch the lunch-and-learn…it isn’t until I get to row 6 when I finally figure this out. Sheesh. LOL.

Marly Bird Bitmoji sliding down a rainbow

Crochet Rainbow Blanket Pattern Materials:

EDITED TO ADD: The Gumdrop yarn has been discontinued, so I recommend choosing solid colors of Red Heart With Love as a replacement. Or make it super easy and choose the Red Heart Super Saver Stripes or Red Heart Ombre. These yarns have long color changes so you need not change yarn for each row of this crochet baby blanket.

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  1. Ramona says:

    Love this pattern! If I wanted to use just one color for the main stitch (the rainbow colors) instead of multiple colors how much yarn would I need. I’m assuming it doesn’t take a whole skein of each color. Thank you!

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