Cathy Carron and KnitCliks partner Carolyn Noyes

Cathy Carron and Knitcliks partner Carolyn Noyes stopped by the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird to share their project. Always lots of fun to be had when you bring a friend!


Cathy Carron is well-known for her books, Happy Feet and Cowl Girls. She began knitting very young, taught by a Latvian grandmother. She was creating hat patterns, and, with the help of the owner of Classic Elite yarns, found a publisher in 2005 Hip Knit Hats. Currently she has a pattern appearing in Noro Magazine.

Carolyn Noyes says she was taught to knit by an aunt when she was little, well, first to sew later came knitting. She worked in the magazine business as an adult (managing editor of Oprah Magazine) and when she had a baby, she took up her needles again. Carolyn found herself modifying patterns and realized she should be writing her patterns down. For the last 5 years, she’s been living in Maine and has this great friendship, long distance with Cathy…

They met at a shop in New York’s West Village, says Carolyn, attending a trunk show by Vogue Knitting, the little shop was packed and she was offered a chair by a designer of three of the projects in the featured grouping. They met again, a year later, at a book signing at another Vogue knitting event. So with Cathy’s designing background and Carolyn’s publishing experience, they eventually put together KnitCliks.

Cathy and Carolyn created KnitCliks to share what they find in the fiber world of interest. It’s a website aggregator (Google defines this as: a website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them.) They are finding that people look to their website first thing in the day for the latest new information of patterns, products and events. They also publish their own patterns, including the Mesh Bag.

KnitCliks has been formulated around their schedules, Carolyn may start posts then go and tend to her family and come back to it later. Besides the website, they are active at Instagram, they can be found on Facebook, but they are not really using that, it does directs you back to the website.



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  1. laineyhf says:

    That was a very interesting interview, thank you for that, Marly. I would like to say that I would personally find it helpful if there were a facebook page for Knitcliks. I’ve about run out of time and energy to ‘follow’ things, and facebook is the one site that I often have open throughout the day while I’m working, just to keep up with things like this. That way, I don’t need to keep clicking on other sites just to see what they’ve posted.

  2. hotknitter says:

    I love the knitclicks site and follow it religiously. It’s great to hear when people click and form fast friendships. Love the interview.

  3. Linda says:

    I never heard of KnitCliks until yesterday. I’m going to head over there and click around.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  4. Estella says:

    So glad you brought this site to our attention – these two surely seem to have clicked in their great working relationship.

  5. Lisa Sauer says:

    As a non-Facebooker, I appreciate the work dedicated to developing and promoting an original site without heavy reliance on social media. I have clicked through a little, and will have to put it on my list of websites to check while I’m having my morning coffee!

  6. Joyce Wood says:

    I am a returning knitter after years of not knitting. It is great to hear about a new site to click on to find out about my new knitting world!

  7. Robin Berry says:

    Click and clack the sound my needles make as I knit along listening to the knitclik girls on Marly Bird podcast.

  8. joyce says:

    I had never heard of knitcliks before, so I had to click on their website to see what it’s about. I immediately signed up to get it in my email every day. Thanks for all the great information you share with us on your blogs, Marly.

  9. Mrs. Holland says:

    Another great interview. I clicked on the link to the KnitClicks website and was happy to discover another great site that can give me a lot of inspiration.

  10. kathy b. says:

    I enjoyed learning about knitcliks.com and how Cathy and Carolyn work together despite not living nearby. I went to their website to click on various items and like it! I definitely would not have otherwise come across some of the items they posted. And “clik” in their domain name is cool. Marly and family: have a great vacation.

  11. Mary L. says:

    I had never heard of the knitcliks site until I listed to your podcast. I will make it a point to click around and see what it is all about!

  12. Mary Anne Cox says:

    I will certainly add Knitcliks to my “favorites” so I can “click” on it every day and see what’s new! Great show. Enjoy your vacation!!

  13. Renee' C., says:

    Never heard of KnitCliks before, Marly! Thanks so much for introducing us to Cathy and Carolyn so we can click on their site every day! Such an interesting take on knitting news!

  14. Barbara L. says:

    I never heard of this website before listening to the podcast so I will click on the link and enjoy exploring a.

  15. Mary Kay says:

    I will definitely click on their mesh bag pattern. What a great idea to send that out to all the yarn shops! I’d never heard of KnitCliks before, but will be following them now! Thanks!

  16. Carol says:

    Thanks again for a great interview with the Knitcliks. They were fun to listen to and clicked together so well.

  17. Martha Donley says:

    Thank you Marly, for introducing us to Knitcliks. I have bookmarked their page and will try to remember to click on it often.

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