Caron Cakes Yarns || My Top 3 Faves!

Which are my favorite Caron Cakes yarns? Aren’t you just dying to know?!

But, first of all, what a delicious name! Caron – you did well naming these tasty yarn morsels, for sure!

But Why Are They Called Cakes?

It’s not just because they look totally scrumptious, but because of the way they’re wound and the shape they form. They look just like a cake, flat on the bottom and top. And, you know what? This makes them stackable and easy to store either in a tub on their side or stacked on a shelf.

But, believe me, you won’t be storing them for long. You’ll want to get going on some projects as soon as you get your hands on these yummy cakes!

How To Match Caron Cakes Color Changes

Another great feature of these cakes is that you pull the yarn from the center, which helps reduce tangling, and you can see the colors. I love center-pull cakes. I find it much easier to match the color changes since you can actually see the colors change from the outside to the center and vice versa.

If you want absolute continuity of color changes, search for cakes that look as close to identical from the top as possible. Or, at least try to ensure the outside of your first cake matches the inside of the next one. If it doesn’t, you’ll end up winding off yarn to keep the color changes correct.

If you’re ok with your Caron Cakes yarns changing color wherever it happens, just dive right in and grab what you need. I shouldn’t say ‘need’…grab what you WANT!!

You know you’ll find just the right project in the end. I’ll help you with a few suggestions soon, but let’s chat more about the yarny goodness that is Caron Cakes yarns.

Benefits Of Self-striping Yarn

Remember in the old days when you wanted a striped project? First, you had to buy a whole ball of each color you wanted to use. Then, once you started the project, you had a couple of options. Either carry yarn up the sides of your project and make sure you didn’t pull them too tight. Or cut your yarn after each color change and weave in a ton of ends after you finished.

Then, some brilliant person came up with the idea of making yarn that changes color as you work. GENIUS!

Here are some things I love about Caron Cakes yarns:

  • I don’t need to think about which color comes next
  • I have way fewer ends to weave in
  • All the colors are in one cake
  • Awesome variety of colorways
  • I know all the colors will go together (someone else thought of that)
  • There’s excellent yardage, which again means less end weaving
  • Various weights and blends give me loads of design choices

By the way…you can expect to see some brand-new designs from me over the next few weeks. That means you’d better stock up now so you’re ready to go as soon as these patterns hit the web!

So, Which Are My Favorite Caron Cakes Yarns?

In reverse order…are you ready?


#3 Caron Latte Cakes

Images of 4 Caron Cakes Yarns - Latte  colorways - greys, greens, blues, browns.

Have you touched this yarn? If you haven’t, YOU NEED TO!

It’s incredibly soft to the touch; it’s like petting a cat or a rabbit, but don’t worry…no animals were harmed in the production of this super-soft yarn.

Here’s the official rundown:

Weight: Bulky (5) 

Contents: 58% Acrylic, 42% Nylon
Skein Weight: 8.8 oz/ 257 g
Yardage: 530 yd/ 485 m 

Knitting Gauge:
15 sts – 20 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Crochet Gauge:
12 sc – 13 rows = 4″ (10 cm) 

Suggested Knitting Needle:
6.5 mm, US – 10.5
Suggested Crochet Hook:
6.5 mm, US – K/10.5

It’s the high percentage of nylon that gives this yarn its silky-soft cashmere-like feel.

And look at that yardage! Normally it’s only lace-weight yarn that comes in such a great length. Fantastic!

See how you feel about the weight. You might think it feels lighter than a bulky weight, but the halo formed by the nylon fibers will help to bulk it up. Be sure to check your gauge if you’re using a pattern that’s not specifically written for this yarn.

Here’s what others have said…

  • “I love how the Caron Cakes self-stripe so I can have color interest in my project without joining. I particularly like the hand-feel of the Latte Cakes, and the texture gives my finished product a cashmere-like elegance.” — says mamamorgaine
  • “This yarn is so easy to work with, and it’s so, so soft! It’s my absolute favorite yarn ever ♡”—says Boston56
  • “This yarn is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The softness and squishability of this yarn is out of this world. It crochets so smoothly and frogs just as easy.”—says lmbrettsmom

Doesn’t get any better than that!!! Just make sure NOT to throw this one in the dryer! Machine wash cold, shake it out, then lay flat to dry.

Now for number 2 in my Caron Cakes yarns top 3!

Drum roll, please…

#2 Caron Blossom Cakes

Image of 5 yarn colorways of Caron Blossom Cakes. Blues, multi, pinks, greys, pale purples.

Here’s another beautiful blended yarn. This time it’s a blend of cotton and acrylic, so it’s also lovely and soft to work with.

Here’s the details:

Weight: Medium (4)

Contents: 61% cotton, 39% acrylic
Skein Weight: 8 oz. / 227 g
Yardage: 481 yd. / 440 m

Knitting Gauge:
17 sts – 26 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Crochet Gauge:
14 sc – 16 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Suggested Knitting Needle:
5 mm, US – 8
Suggested Crochet Hook:
5 mm, US – H/8

Check out the subtle color shading. It’s just gorgeous!

This yarn looks fabulous on its own and really stands out when used with a good contrast yarn in a fair isle or stranded colorwork stitch pattern.

It still has great yardage. However, cotton is a bit heavier than nylon, so you’ll end up with a different feel from the Caron Latte.

Here’s what some fans have to say:

  • “It has a subtle color shift, in longer runs, that most of the multi-colored yarns just don’t. The yarn is more of a 3 1/2 thickness than a 4. Makes up beautifully and is just a shade warmer than 100 % acrylic.”—says Darkly
  • “This yarn is wonderful. The ratio of cotton to acrylic makes it so soft, and the way the solids shift is like no other, making the pattern stand out. I wish I could buy it in every color. You cannot go wrong.”—says Mary
  • “Not like I need more yarn, but this is a new favorite!! This yarn is so easy to work with!! I love the way the colors are so unique. Definitely need to stock up!!”—says Kelli

Seriously – check it out! This one, you can machine wash cold, gentle cycle, and tumble dry low.

And, now…for my number one pick…

#1 Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cakes

Image of 6 colorways of Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cakes. (Purples, pinks, greens), South West shades. (pinks, purples, creams), (yellows, coral, lilac), (lila, sky, grey, cream, 2 pinks), (grey, green, light blue, mauve, terracotta, gold).

Let’s have a big round of applause! You KNOW how much I love color, and these shades are just SO bright and cheerful that I couldn’t resist!

Here’s how this one shapes up:

Weight: Medium (4)

Contents: 100% acrylic
Skein Weight: 8 oz. / 227 g
Yardage: 407 yd. / 372 m

Knitting Gauge:
17 sts – 22 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Crochet Gauge:
13 sc – 14 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

Suggested Knitting Needle:
5 mm, US – 8
Suggested Crochet Hook:
5 mm, US – H/8

It still has great yardage. You gotta love these cakes! 100% acrylic makes this one machine washable on a cold cycle and tumbler dry low.

Let’s hear from some other crafters:

  • “This yarn is just lovely. It is substantial, easy to work with, and has no splitting…The colors are great. Using Twilight Surf for a blanket.”—says Gal who crochets
  • “Soft, easy to work with, beautiful colorway, and four cakes were enough to make a good-sized lap blanket!”—says Susan the crocheter
  • “I saw this yarn online and had to get one of each color. I absolutely love them. They’re so pretty to look at too.”—says 3rdShiftCrochet

So There You Have It – My Top 3 Caron Cakes Yarns Picks.

Like I said…look out for some brand new designs coming soon, but for now. Click on over to Caron Cinnamon Swirl Cakes, Caron Blossom Cakes, and Caron Latte Cakes and buy some yarn, so you’re ready to go. Then, as soon as these projects drop, you can hit the ground running.

As promised – here are a few pattern suggestions. Though the Cake Off is long gone, the patterns are still good, so check these out!


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