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Knit Lacy Stripes Shawl worn on the model around her neck. Words that read Lacy Stripes Shawl - Marly BIrd

On the Marly Bird YouTube channel, there’s another video tutorial showing you how to make a wonderful brioche knit shawl. The Lacy Stripes Shawl is a FREE pattern from Red Heart that you can download on their website. Learn along with me how to increase using yarn overs to make this beautiful striped partial brioche triangle shawl.

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Are Brioche Knit Shawls Good for Knit Prayer Shawls?

Interest in knitting and prayer shawls has recently rocketed. These two popular trends have come together to create a powerful craft. Knitting prayer shawls has become an incredibly meaningful way for people worldwide to use their creativity. By simply knitting a shawl, we can show compassion towards others going through hard times.

Knitters have discovered that crafts like this offer therapeutic benefits and joyous experiences!

Knitting brioche prayer shawls is a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate this unique knitting technique into a prayer-filled accessory. The thick and squishy texture of brioche creates a warm and comforting shawl. It’s perfect for wrapping around your shoulders during prayer or meditation. You can work Brioche stitch patterns in a variety of colors. Brioche creates a visually stunning shawl that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, knitting a prayer shawl can be a meditative and spiritual experience in itself. It allows you to connect with your faith and reflect on the intentions behind the shawl. Whether a seasoned knitter or just starting out, a brioche prayer shawl is a wonderful project to add to your repertoire. The Lacy Stripes Knit Shawl is a great introduction to a brioche knit prayer shawl pattern.

Fisherman’s Rib – Is it the same as Brioche?

Note: If you’ve had a chance to look at brioche stitches, chances are you’ve discovered Fisherman’s Rib. There’s now a larger blog post and video tutorial demonstrating 3 different ways to work this cousin of the brioche stitch.

Knit Stitches You’ll Learn While Making the Brioche Knit Shawl

The lacy stripe knit shawl is a beautiful and minimally intricate project requiring key brioche knitting and basic knitting techniques. Here are some of the most common techniques you will need to know; if you’re an adventurous beginner, don’t worry. Marly shows you how to do each of these:

Knit Techniques For The Lacy Stripes Knit Shawl

  • Brioche Knit: Brioche knit is a technique that creates a thick and squishy fabric with a unique texture. You knit the sl1yo stitch (made up of a stitch and a yarn over that are a partnered pair) together, creating a “brioche stitch.” You typically work brioche over an even number of stitches. It creates a reversible fabric with a distinctive ribbed look.
  • Slip One Yarn Over (Sl1yo): The sl1yo is a key part of creating brioche stitches. It involves slipping one stitch purlwise & working a yarn over at the same time, thus creating a partnered pair. The final stitch looks like two stitches but is only counted as one. It should be worked together as one stitch with a brioche knit (or a brioche purl). Brioche stitches create a decorative element that adds depth and interest to your knit shawl.
  • Knit Decrease: Knit decrease is a technique used to reduce the number of stitches in your project. The following are types of knit decreases: knit two together (K2tog), which involves knitting two stitches together as one, and slip slip knit (SSK), which involves slipping two stitches knitwise, then knitting them together through the back loop.
  • Knit Increase: Knit increase is a technique that is used to add stitches to your project. Common types of knit increases include: yarn over (YO), which involves wrapping the yarn around the needle, and knit front and back (KFB), which involves knitting into the front and back of the same stitch.
  • Purl Two Together (P2tog): Purl two together is a common purl decrease involving purling two stitches together. This creates a decrease that slants to the right on the purl side of your work.

Other Brioche Knit Patterns

If you want to check out some other brioche knit patterns, take a look at these few. They are some of my favorites (some more advanced than others).

Walk Into Mordor Cowl

Walk into Mordor Cowl || Designed by Allura Linda Designs

This paid pattern includes clear instructions and a chart to help with the flame-like stitches at the cowl’s top. You’ll knit this lengthwise and then use clasps to create a circular cowl. One color brioche technique and dyed yarn are used for this stunning piece.

Purchase the Pattern Here

Red Heart Brioche Chic Cowl || Designed by Marly Bird

Try Brioche knitting as you knit this sporty cowl. It’s the perfect stitch for a reversible project that you can make quickly. Choose colors that fit the wearer’s style, or make one for yourself to update your cold-weather look.

Get the FREE Brioche Chic Cowl Pattern Here

One color brioche knit cowl around the neck of a 20 something young man -- Marly Bird
Josephine Brioche Scarf

Josephine || Designed by Jane Vanselous

This pattern is free from Expression Fiber Arts for a limited time. It’s a great pattern to learn the squishy fabric that is brioche knitting. Just add to the cart and complete checkout to receive the download.

Get the Pattern Here

Brioche Basix: Scarf || Designed by Susanne Sommer

This scarf is a great first brioche project, showcasing all the basic brioche stitches. If you’re a brioche fiend and want a simple scarf that showcases the stitch and your favorite worsted-weight yarn, this is the pattern for you.

Get the FREE Pattern Here

Brioche Basix Scarf
Squishy fisherman's rib blanket pattern -- Marly Bird

Squishy Fisherman’s Rib Blanket || Yarnspirations

Not really brioche, but a close cousin to it. Give this Fisherman’s Rib blanket pattern a try.

Get the FREE Pattern Here

About the Lacy Stripes Knit Shawl

Keep your mind on the increases, decreases, and small brioche knit parts of the pattern. Don’t worry about color changes—the yarn changes color for you! You’ll love how this elongated triangle shape works around your shoulders or neck.

Through the video tutorial, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make this beautiful knit triangle shawl with bits of brioche. Worked with increases along the outside to get your shaping, this pattern teaches you to work a yarn over increase. You’ll see that by the placement of the knit stitches, a beautiful texture design comes out of the color work.

Knit Lacy Stripes Shawl held behind the model and stretched out to see the entire shape of the knit shawl - Marly Bird

Lacy Stripes Knit Shawl Materials

Sadly, the yarn used on the Lacy Stripes shawl has been discontinued. It was a brushed acrylic yarn in a striping sequence. Looking for a good alternative yarn? I suggest looking at RHSS Brushed or Caron Latte Cakes:

Lacy Stripes Shawl Video Tutorial:

Lacy Stripes Shawl Free Knit Shawl Pattern

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