Bison Yarn Scalloped Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Are you looking for a crochet cardigan pattern that somehow feels a little more special or unique than the other ones that you’ve crocheted? This scalloped crochet cardigan pattern might be right up your alley. It uses unique yarn, original construction, an accent color, and buttons in the back for intriguing drape to create a special piece for your wardrobe. Find the pattern on Ravelry.

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What Is Buffalo Yarn?

I designed this scalloped crochet cardigan pattern using Buffalo Gold Premium Fiber in Earth Natural yarn. This is definitely a luxury yarn that you can use if you want to make a truly special garment. It’s made primarily from American bison down, making it one of the softest fibers that you’ll ever use for crochet.

Buffalo Wool Co:

Check out this oldie-but-goodie Yarn Thing podcast interview with Stunning String Studio and Buffalo Wool Yarns to learn more about this great fiber:

And here’s some more about Buffalo Wool Company:

Benefits of Buffalo Yarn

Some of the best things about buffalo yarn include:

  • It is super warm, but it’s also lightweight.
  • It can absorb a lot of water before it ever feels wet, so it’s okay if you’re wearing it when caught in the rain.
  • Bison yarn is so, so soft!
  • It’s odor-resistant, so it’s great for making socks, but it works well for summer sweaters and other projects, too.
  • It’s also super durable.
  • Using it can sometimes contribute to sustainability in the craft and fashion industry.

Other Details of the Scalloped Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Obviously, the yarn makes this cardigan pattern special. However, even if you decide to make it with another yarn, it’s still a special piece. It’s all about the details.

First of all, I designed this using a unique construction. You’ll make it in two pieces. Then, you’ll stitch those pieces together using an invisible seam stitch so it looks like it’s all made in one piece. It’s easy and yet original.

Second, I’ve worked this primarily in one solid color, but I’ve strategically utilized a second color as an accent. Working this second color around the neckline, the scalloped lapels, and the back button detail makes the whole thing pop.

Speaking of the lapels, they’re obviously a crucial part of a scalloped crochet cardigan pattern. The wavy scallops are eye-catching and flattering.

On the back, you’ll use two buttons, looped together with the accent yarn, to enhance the drape of the cardigan while also giving that extra special attention to detail.

Can I Use Another Yarn to Make This Crochet Cardigan?

For a truly special cardigan, get that buffalo yarn. That said, you can use other yarn to work this pattern. Make sure you work to the gauge stated on the pattern. Some good options to consider might be:

  • Chroma Worsted. The buffalo yarn is 90% bison and 10% nylon, adding stretch that really works for this design. Chroma Worsted is 70% superwash wool and 30% nylon, offering a similar drape. It’ll work nicely for your cardigan.
  • Simply Alpaca Aran. This is 100% superfine alpaca wool, so it will have a softness similar to bison yarn.
  • High Desert Worsted. This is Shaniko Wool which is a high-quality American wool.
  • Heatherly Worsted. This is mostly acrylic with 20% wool in the blend.

Get The Crochet Cardigan Pattern

Get the Scalloped Crochet Cardigan Pattern on Ravelry today.

Scalloped crochet cardigan pattern - Marly Bird

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