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BHooked Crochet Podcast episode 12Most of you join me each week for the YarnThing Podcast. When you listen to me there I am the host and asking all of the tough questions to the interviewee. The tables were turned when I sat down with Brittany of BHooked Crochet and she asked me questions on her new BHooked Crochet Podcast. Head over to her website, iTunes, or your favorites Podcast player to hear the full episode.

Red Heart WebsiteDuring our conversation we talked about a lot of things. Red Heart was one of the big topics. As I am sure you all know, I am the National Spokes person for Red Heart. I am lucky enough to have them as a sponsor of my podcast and they are also sponsoring Brittany’s podcast for her first set of episodes. You will have to listen to the full episode to hear all of the details but, you can check out the highlights below.

Red Heart Create with Color

BHooked Crochet Podcast Topics:

  • About Marly and her journey from crochet student of Grandma to full time crochet designer and National Spokesperson for Red Heart Yarn.
  • What her duties are as National Spokesperson.
  • Various crochet conventions around the US.
  • Marly’s favorite Red Heart Yarn and why.
  • Pick a project: what projects are perfect for different Red Heart yarn labels.
  • Where you can purchase Red Heart Yarn (for the US and those outside the US)
  • How to handle Boutique Unforgettable – care and the dreaded frogging.
  • Discontinued yarns.
  • Red Hearts three brand new products.

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If you enjoyed listening to us chat you will love the YarnThing podcast which I host every Tuesday at 10am MST. Each episode is formatted as two friends have a great conversations about the yarn industry. You can listen live on Blog Talk Radio’s website or join us on the Marly Bird Facebook page for the Live video of my conversation. I hope that you join us this week.

Be sure to head over to the BHooked Podcast website to listen to the full episode. A special thanks to Brittany for having me as her guest on her podcast last week.

YarnThing Podcast with Marly Bird

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  1. Kathie Duso says:

    Very cool – planning on checking it out. Love your podcast Marly!! I’m sure if you like this one, I will like it too!!

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