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Want to get the crocheter in your life a gift they will love? GREAT! Here is a list of the BEST GIFTS for CROCHETERS in 2022. These crochet-related ideas are great for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other gift-giving occasion. If you are a crocheter, pass this along to your loved ones.

Gifts for crocheters -collage of yarn winder, ergonomic crochet hook set, and old crochet knowledge info sheet on red background. Marly Bird


Let’s begin with one of the best sites to shop for crocheters. Of course, I’m talking about Crochet.com, home of WeCrochet! They are the sister company of WeCrochet has everything a beginner or advanced crocheter could want in their crochet bag (yes, they have those, too!). They are a one-stop shop for the best crochet gifts in 2022.

But, if you know me, I also like to shop with small businesses. So, in the complete crochet gift guide list below, a variety of independent makers are included.

Grab a coffee, look at the list, and add to your cart.

This year will be the BEST year the crocheter in your life has ever had opening presents.


1. Yarn

Could anything else be #1? No, the answer is no. Yarn is one of the major draws to this craft crocheter’s love. The fiber, the texture, the color, the possibilities. Because that, my friend, is what you are buying when you buy a crocheter the gift of yarn. You are giving them a hank (skein or ball) of possibilities!

Here is a list of my favorite yarns from WeCrochet (as I said, is a sister to KnitPicks). Click the yarn name to go directly to the website and add it to your cart!

  1. Upcycle Alpaca
  2. Brava Worsted
  3. Swish Worsted
  4. City Tweed DK
  5. Twill
  6. Chroma Twist
  7. Stroll Tweed
Multiple colors and weights, skeins and balls of yarn from WeCrochet. Yellows, blues, pinks, and corals.

Now, mind you, ALL the yarns on this website would be a winning gift for a crocheter. These are just some of my favorites because of the feel, the fiber, and the fantastic colors!

2. Hooks

A crocheter would be nothing without their hooks; after all, we are considered Hookers!

For years, crocheters only had a couple of hook types to choose from…and those were adequate. But we are in a new era of crochet, and we have CHOICES!

Listen, I am about to tell you about a brand-new hook on the market. One that is designed to be ONE HOOK TO RULE THEM ALL! Not only are these hooks wonderful to use and come in various sizes (yes, crocheters need a variety of sizes to get something called gauge), but they are ABSOLUTELY AFFORDABLE.

I’m talking about some major ????Bang for your Buck???? Grab these before they are gone.

The Dots Crochet Hooks from WeCrochet are great for knife holders and pencil holder crocheters. Wonderful for beginners learning to crochet. Perfect for the crocheter who has everything…because I can promise they don’t have these as they were JUST PUT ON THE MARKET!

Set of Dots Crochet Hooks at top of image with hooks pointed down, on blue background. Gifts for crocheters. Marly Bird

3. Ball Winder

This might not be one of the obvious items for a crocheter, and honestly, one can absolutely crochet without a ball winder. But, once a crocheter has one, and they see the benefit of using it to wind leftover yarn into a cake or wind up a hank of yarn, their entire crochet world will shift, and they will see sunshine and rainbows and wonder where this magnificent tool has been their entire life.

Yarn ball winder, clamped to dark colored wood table, on dark grey background. Gifts for crocheters. Marly Bird

Okay, maybe that is a bit of an overkill explanation, but seriously, a ball winder is in my top 5 items a knitter or crocheter should have. And I highly suggest it’s partnered with #4 on my list.

4. Swift

This looks like an umbrella, doesn’t it? Well, that is why it is called an Umbrella Swift. These are very helpful to hold the yarn for the crocheter (or knitter) in hank form as it is wound onto a ball winder. As the swift rotates around, the yarn unspools from it and is rewound onto the ball winder. The result is a yarn cake. These two gifts are really wonderful and go great together.

Wooden yarn swift clamped on light colored wood table against white wall. Gifts for crocheters - Marly Bird

5. Stitch Markers

Anybody who knows me and how I teach knows I would recommend stitch markers. They are an easy stocking stuffer for crocheters, as we can never have enough.

There are a variety of stitch markers on the market. I love them all, but the locking stitch markers are my favorite because they can be easily added and removed as needed.

If your crocheter has trouble keeping their edges nice and straight, stitch markers will help them cure that problem. Simply have them add a marker in the first stitch of every row, and they will then know where the last stitch is when they get back to that end of the project. Easy Peasy!

The next set of items aren’t only part of the Best Gifts for Crocheters, but they make amazing stocking stuffers, easter egg fillers, or items to put in a goody bag.

Tool and Accessory Gifts For Crocheters

9. Vintage Buttons. These are great to add for usefulness or decoration. Perfect for hats, mittens, gloves, cardigans and bags. Find that special item to make the project a WOW/1

10. Purse Handles. Does your crocheter like to make bags and purses? Why not gift a lovely set of leather handles for her next project?

11. Cute Scissors keep the process of crocheting fun. These are some cute choices from Etsy.

6. Cute Tape Measure. One thing for certain, every crocheter and knitter needs a reliable tape measure. We often have to measure our swatches to ensure the stitches are the right size for our projects. This will be a fun foxy gift for your crocheter!

7. Safety Eyes. Stuffies or Amigurumi patterns are HUGE for crocheters and CUTE Amigurumi eyes really make a project something special. These are some favs from Etsy.

8. Shawl Pins. These are great for scarves, cardigans, and shawls. Don’t dismiss the usefulness of one of the wonderful accessory pieces.

BiCrafty Bootcamp banner
BiCrafty Bootcamp Beginner Knitting Lessons for Crocheters Logo with Marly Bird

Even More Gifts For Crocheters

12. Project Bag. NEVER dismiss the importance of a crocheter’s perfect project bag. It’s where we keep all the important items we need while working on a project (including items listed next). These are some of my FAVORITE Bags!

13. Chart Keeper. In a technical world, there are still crocheters who prefer to print their patterns and charts. This chart keeper is a great tool to keep the chart in place while the crocheter follows along (for example: on a corner-to-corner crochet chart)

14. Erasable Highlighters. These are VERY valuable and an unexpected hero in a crocheter’s toolbox. Perfect to mark a spot in a pattern or on a chart. Add these to your project bag with stitch markers, hook, and yarn, and you’re set!

15.Yarn Ball Holder. Does your crocheter like to sit in their chair and crochet but hate it when their yarn rolls around the floor? This is the tool I use to prevent that. Check out the Yarn Ball Holder and a Yarn Bowl. Both are great gifts for crocheters

16. Kitchen Scale. This might not seem obvious but once a crocheter uses one to weigh out remaining yarn when working on a project, this becomes a very useful tool. Especially when working with mini hanks or yarn scraps.

17. Yarn and Bag Box Subscription. There are a few out there but they’re not all created equal. THIS subscription box will deliver amazing hits of dopamine when the crocheter gets a new item every month of the year.

Warning: this subscription service only opens ONCE a year! When it’s full, you’ll be on a waitlist!

Marly & Moogly Stash Busting Quickies

Digital Gifts For Crocheters

18. Online Courses. Listen, the Marly Bird House is a place for learning and fun for knitters and crocheters (and tunisian). Anything you choose will be a great gift for a crocheter. I highly recommend the Classic and Colorful Crochet Socks Course!

19. Collection of 30 Stash Busting Patterns for Crocheters!

This is an exclusive collection of patterns by Marly Bird and Moogly Blog. They’re only available for a limited time and are perfect gifts for crocheters needing patterns for all occasions.

20. AUDIBLE! Audiobooks are a staple in my crafting life. Having a story told to me as I knit and crochet allows me to work without noticing time passing. Trust me, audiobooks are favorites of crocheters.

+I use my Bose Earbuds to listen to the books. Pair up these gifts and you have a perfect crochet gift set.

Extra Interesting Gifts For Crocheters

21. Blocking Combs. These are a game changer in my blocking game and everybody I know who uses them agrees. I highly recommend getting 3-5 packs because your crocheter will use them! These replace blocking pins and are WONDERFUL!

22. Blocking Mats. Like the blocking combs, these mats are a game changer. They fit together like a puzzle and the lines line up to help make blocking easier. These are my favorite of all the blocks out there and I recommend getting 2-4 of them because I always use more than one!

23. Wool Wash. Yes, you can use a bunch of different soaps to wash and block pieces. But I’m going to be completely honest with you. Ever since my friend Kristin Omdahl gave me my first bottle of Eucalan Night Blooming Jasmine I’ve been hooked! Here’s the smaller size to try!

24. Crochet Specific Kitschy Gifts. Come on, we all love a good crochet pun, after all, we are hookers! Here are some specific crochet-related gifts just for fun. Check out this list!

25. Crochet Books. Not all crocheters learn on YouTube, and not all YouTube tutorials are correct. But a crochet book by a professional designer can really take a crocheter to another level. Here’s a BUNCH of books you could choose, and know you’ll have the perfect gifts for crocheters.

These are just a few of the Best Gifts for Crocheters out there. As I think about more, I’ll add them to this list. So please do yourself a favor…bookmark this post so you can come back to it and see what is new…or grab an item you thought looked nice for another gift-giving event.

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