Avoid a Loose Ribbing in your Knit Hat

When knitting a hat with a knit 2, purl 2 ribbing I see many beginnings struggle to get their tension just right. In this video I will show you a little trick to get perfectly even ribbing for your next hat project.

Avoid loose ribbing stitches in your knit hat-Video Tip Tutorial

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If you made the Snow Speckled Hat, or watched my video tutorial, you will have seen a great example of a knit 2 purl 2 ribbing for the start of hat. This ribbing pattern is very common in knitted hats but some people struggle with keeping their tension even. In the video tutorial today I share with you my tip to keep the stitches even.

It is very common in this type of ribbing to see a loose stitch when you change from the knit to purl stitches. To combat this I give an extra tug on the working yarn after completing the stitch. After making my first purl stitch I transfer the yarn to the back of the work, as if I were going to knit, and give a slight tug. You will see this tighten up any loose ribbing stitches. Make sure that you bring the working yarn back to the front before continuing your ribbing pattern to keep in pattern.

Watch the short video to see this tip in action so you can fully understand what I am doing.

Get started on your next knit hat today. Try out the Snow Speckled hat where you can work through the project with me in my video tutorial.

Loosing Ribbing Cure Video:

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