Amy Herzog, Author of Knit, Wear, Love

Amy Herzog, Author of Knit, Wear, Love was the guest on the Yarn Thing podcast with Marly Bird, which makes for Happy Tuesday!

Amy has been super busy helping people achieve ‘Happy Sweater Face’ by creating books, website and an ap to achieve great fit. Her first book was Knit to Flatter helped many people achieve a garment that fit based on silhouette, understanding your style and learning about fabrics. It’s been described as a choose-your-own-adventure book for knitters.

From there, she found people need help with the math and getting gauge and created CustomFit.MakeWearKnit.com which is a membership based website where you plug in your numbers and a pattern is generated that works for you!

Knitter’s Toolbox was forged from Amy’s background in computer programming, and is NOT necessarily a sweater knitting ap, but assists you when you have to pick up stitches for a button band, for instance…

Most recently, another wonderful book, Knit, Wear, Love has been loved on from all over the yarn industry.

Amy travels all over the country with her Make Wear Love Retreats. The next one is in the Fall, located in Maine and has recently been posted on her website. She also has a Craftsy class which is great for those who can’t travel or spend a weekend, you’ll be able to learn a bit by that method too!

So, you may have thought we skipped the bit where we learn how Amy got into knitting. As a child, she was very active and a grandparent suggested that she be given needles and yarn, to focus her. Now, she carries her knitting with her everywhere!

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  1. Elise Thomasset says:

    I love listening to Amy Herzog. Thanks, Marly, for another great interview! I am still working on my first CustomKnit cardigan, but getting very close to putting on my Happy Sweater Face!

  2. Audrey says:

    Like Marly, I wear a size 2X and it would be wonderful to know I’ll wear a happy sweater face when I’m done with a Custom Knit Pattern. Thanks Amy!

  3. DeeSadie says:

    I love Amy, have watched her Craftsy class once and need to go back and review for sure! I have yet to knit a custom fit sweater and am eager to do so and have a happy sweater face when I see how perfectly it fits!

  4. Lori Biamonte says:

    I could never figure out what size sweater to make that would fit both my top and bottom. The lovely owner of my local yarn store, The Perfect Blend, recommended Amy to me. I have recently taken Amy’s Craftsy class, Fit to Flatter, and bought and read the book. I’m knitting my first sweater using her formula for fit and am looking to my Happy Sweater Face upon completion. I was so happy to hear her on your podcast.

  5. Sally says:

    I like Amy’s sweater designs, and would love to be among her legions of Happy Sweater Face fans! Fun interview, and thanks for the chance.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I’ve got a bit of a fangirl thing going on with (for?) Amy Herzog. I’ve made several sweaters but have yet to make one FOR ME that gives me a happy sweater face. I really should get on that, shouldn’t I?

  7. Kim wilkinson says:

    I would love to win this book so that I can figure out had a custom fit a sweater to me. I would definitely wear a happy sweater face if I got this book.

  8. Carol says:

    I was so inspired by this interview with Amy Herzog. I can’t wait to knit my first sweater and experience that ‘happy sweater face’. I am going to plug my numbers into her CustomFit website and see if I can get started on a sweater this weekend. Thank you for another great podcast.

  9. Linda says:

    Sadly, I’ve never had a happy sweater face because I’ve never knit a sweater. I’m anxious to do so! I loved listening to Amy on the podcast.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  10. jrouton says:

    I still have yet to knit a sweater but reading the book & watching my way through the Craftsy Class Knit to Flatter. Once I can get someone to help me get my proper measurements I hope to have a happy sweater face!!!!

  11. Greg says:

    What another great podcast! Thanks so much, Marly, for continuing to produce these great interviews. And thank you, Amy, for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and creating tools that make knitting math more accessible. I’ve not knitted a sweater for myself or my wife (yet), but I have seen the happy sweater face on my my daughter when she wears the sweaters I’ve knitted for her. Starting by knitting smaller garments for kids is definitely confidence-boosting, and I bet I’ll be knitting an adult sweater (or two, or three, or….) before I know it. 🙂
    –KnittingDaddy Greg

  12. Lisa Sauer says:

    I’ve been a little intimidated about knitting sweaters for fear I won’t have the happy sweater face when I’m done. Custom fit seems like the way to go! (By the way, wouldn’t a happy sweater face emoji be the best?!)

  13. Thekla says:

    sigh…I am still waiting for my ‘happy sweater face’…! The sweaters I have made so far have since been frogged, since they did not fit right – never wore them. I really need to adopt the Custom Fit program and Amy provides such encouragement! Thank you.

  14. Denise C says:

    I haven’t had a lot of happy sweater faces, but i’d love to have more.

    My friend was on the board of the MN knitters guild and she took your classes at Yarnover and loved it. I can only aspire to be as good a knitter as her.

  15. Lisa Nixon says:

    Oh, I so need/want to be able to put on my very own sweater happy face. What a wonderful podcast.

  16. Mary Anne Cox says:

    My happy sweater face can’t wait to get the new book! Thank you for bringing joy to all of us every week. Mary Anne C.

  17. Wendy Whalen says:

    I would love to wear a happy sweater face! I have made just 1 sweater and after all the time and frustration, I hated it. I must have this book 🙂

  18. Judy Bailen says:

    I am so ready for a happy sweater face! I would love to knit a sweater that I love and that fits well. Thanks.

  19. Sherry Johnson says:

    Thanks for a great podcast with Amy Hertzog. Learning how to make the perfect knitted sweater give me great joy and helps me put on my happy knitter face!

  20. begins with a C says:

    I was fortunate to discover Amy’s Knit to Flatter book early in my sweater-knitting life, and it has helped me achieve a happy sweater face more times than I can count. The new book sounds wonderful. Thanks for yet another fantastic interview, Marly!

  21. Debra says:

    Awesome show! I love that Amy has taken a lot of the math guessing out of the way with her designs and Custom Fit program. I would love to knit one of her designs to see what a Happy Sweater Face looks like!

  22. Martha Donley says:

    Loved the show. I need to find a sweater pattern as I have a sweater’s worth of buffalo wool blend waiting for a pattern. Need to find one so that I can have a happy sweater face

  23. Heather says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this live! I could have listened in, but I just forgot! And sadly I’ve never had Happy Sweater Face- I’ve never knit a sweater for myself. Just shawls and things for my kids, but I do want to make a sweater some day!

  24. Liz Fox says:

    I am a sweater novice and I would LOVE to have the Happy Sweater Face (and maybe the Happy Sweater Dance!). Love Amy!

  25. Tiffany says:

    What a great episode! I really enjoyed listening to Amy talk about her books and sweater knitting. I have to admit that I have been too scared to try sweater knitting because of worrying about getting the right fit. I’ll have to check out Customfit and can hopefully find my ‘happy sweater face.’

  26. ruthticknor says:

    Can’t get enough of Amy Herzog’s wonderful talent—I’ve made her Wintry Mix Pattern & indeed experienced my Happy Sweater Face when I initially donned it! I continue to garner compliments when I wear it and it has become my favorite. Looking forward to making more Herzog’s masterpieces!

  27. Louise Gingery says:

    Loved this podcast guest too! So much interesting information. I am still knitting and knitting hoping for my happy sweater face! I think this book could help:)

  28. joyce says:

    I made a sweater years ago and it didn’t fit well, so I haven’t been brave enough to try again. Maybe with Amy’s help, someday I will have a happy sweater face. Nice interview.

  29. Abby M says:

    I knit 2 sweaters with the knowledge from Amy’s Craftsy class and first book. I’m sure my Happy Sweater Face will keep glowing with the addition of the second book!

  30. Heddi Craft says:

    I have yet to make a sweater that really makes me put on my happy sweater face. Maybe this interview and book will get me motivated to finally get my measurements in Custom Fit and start!

  31. Amy L. says:

    I have been knitting for 3 years and crocheting for even more. I have shied away from starting a sweater, but Amy’s books, website subscription service and app might just give me the confidence to take one on. I would love to wear a happy sweater face along with my beautiful new sweater!! Thanks Marly for another fantastic show!!

  32. hotknitter says:

    I love you, Amy Herzog! I’ve had a happy sweater face several times, and would like lots more. I have already signed up for her Craftsy class to help ensure that.

  33. Michelle says:

    Amy sounds like such a wonderful person…just like Marly. I had my happy sweater face on during the entire interview! Thanks ladies for a wonderful time.

  34. Kaarina says:

    I want a Happy Sweater Face! I have the book out right now from the library…would love a copy of my own!!

  35. Anita says:

    I love Amy Herzog and was thrilled that she was your guest. She is responsible for so many happy sweater faces. What a wonderful talented designer. I look forward to using all the great info in her newest book.

  36. CraftyLadyMel says:

    I haven’t ever made a sweater for myself, but will have to try CustomFit to see if I can get a happy sweater face for myself! I LOVE the podcast and this was another great one!

  37. Kara says:

    I have learned a lot from Amy – through the first book, and the one customfit sweater I made. Having my hand really closely held for one made it much easier to figure out the adjustments I need to make in making any sweater so that it will result in happy sweater face. This has also improved my sewing, as somehow the measurements have made it easier to see what standard sorts of alterations I need to do.

  38. 10sknitter says:

    The “HAPPY SWEATER FACE” campaign has hit the trail. I have knit a couple of sweaters in the past but now see better fitting sweaters in my future. Many thanks to Amy for your genius endeavor to give knitters the tools to make our sweater knitting a fun and happy experience. Next up: “HAPPY SWEATER FACE” campaign buttons!

  39. JudyAnn says:

    I hope to knit my first sweater soon and have a Happy Sweater Face when I’m done! I bought Amy’s Craftsy class and read her first book—and I’d love this one to complement it!

  40. Julie says:

    I’ve done my measurements for CustomFit, so next up is the swatch. I know that the resulting sweater will give me a Happy Sweater Face!

  41. Mary (kinoknits) says:

    I have one handknit sweater that gives me happy sweater face every time I wear it… and a lot that don’t. I’d love to try Custom Fit in a few months – once my post-pregnancy body settles down. Loved the interview, as always!

  42. Suzanne says:

    I have heard many people talk of Amy Herzog but this was my first chance to hear Amy speak herself. The idea of Happy Sweater Face resonates. I have not knit many sweaters but I have one that I finished and when i put it on, I had sad sweater face. The gauge was right but something about it does not make me feel good. Everyone in my knitting group thinks I’m crazy but I’m going to frog and reknit. I’ll turn my frown upside down. I would love the opportunity to learn more about this way of sweater knitting. Thanks for a great interview.

  43. Rose Ruffolo says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to You Amy I’m sure I will have a “HAPPY SWEATER FACE” on when completing my first sweater!

    Rose Ruffolo

  44. Michelle Staeck says:

    I just bought yarn and needles for a sweater. I will read thru Amy’s first book before I start to make sure my first sweater will bring me a Happy Sweater Face. Loved the interview and to be able to be introduced to the great designers every week. Great Job to all.

  45. Penny Halverson says:

    Just catching up on the podcast. Loved this interview, I am a fan of Amy’s sweaters and her technique. Thank you Marly for bringing great interviews to the air waves!

  46. Sarah Short says:

    I have never knitted a sweater before but when I do I would like to have a happy sweater face.

  47. knitfantasy says:

    This episode convinced me that I have to go watch the Craftsy class with Amy so that I, too, can put on a happy sweater face!

  48. Leanne Holland says:

    I am a new knitter and have yet to make a sweater but I long to be able to do so and have my first happy sweater face.

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