Adorable Crochet Solomon’s Knot Tee Pattern

The crochet Solomon’s Knot is such a fun technique. You use the same skills that you already know from basic crochet. However, you tweak them for a totally different stitch look. Usually, Solomon’s Knot patterns are done entirely in this technique. However, some smart designs, like this Crochet Solomon’s Knot Tee pattern that we’re sharing with you today, actually use just a few rows of the stitch to create a beautiful design within the larger pattern. In this case, the knots create a lovely open design on the hem of a summer crochet tee shirt. This is a very wearable design that lets you incorporate a little bit of something different into it as you craft

Solomon's Knot Crochet Tee

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How to Crochet Solomon’s Knot

Solomon’s Knot, which is also often called Love Knot or Lovers Knot, is a specific crochet stitch. In this stitch, you’ll pull up a long loop, longer than usual to create a very, very open design. Then you will:

  • Yarn over
  • Pull through the loop on the hook
  • Insert the hook around the back loop (this is different from what you’re used to in crochet, but you’ve got this)
  • Yarn over
  • Pull up a loop
  • Yarn over one more time
  • Draw through both loops on the hook.

Here’s a crochet video tutorial from Robyn for how to crochet Solomon’s Knot. These are small love knots worked with thread in a beaded cuff pattern. (Find the link at the bottom of this page to the free pattern.) The love knots in your tee will be bigger but how to crochet the Solomon’s knot will be exactly the same.

Crochet Solomon’s Knot Tee Pattern

This adorable crochet Solomon’s Knot tee pattern is available through WeCrochet. Designed by Sati Glenn, this is a simple sleeveless single crochet tee-shirt that’s perfect for summer. The single crochet stitches are worked into the back loop only for terrific stretch and texture. You’ll easily crochet the main body of the tee-shirt in two flat panels that you seam up the sides and along the shoulders. It’s a simple effective design.

crochet solomons knot tee pattern

Then, of course, you make it special by adding the row of love knots across the bottom hem. This is what makes the pattern unique from all other crochet tee-shirts out there. It’s a great way to do what you know, level it up with a fun new stitch, and create something beautiful to add to your wardrobe.

This size-inclusive crochet pattern is available in eight different sizes. Because the design is simple, you could also adapt those instructions to meet your specific size needs if they vary from the available options.

Gloss Fingering Yarn

gloss fingering weight merino wool and silk yarn

This crochet tee is made using Gloss Fingering Yarn. This is a fingering weight yarn made up of 70% merino wool and 30% silk. This gives you such softness, perfect drape, and comfort for a summer tee-shirt. Often wool feels too heavy for summer but when combined with silk and made into a light fingering weight yarn, it truly works perfectly. It showcases a variety of different stitch types well, so it looks great for the main portion of the tee-shirt as well as the love knots detail. This yarn is available in seventeen different colors.

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