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Learning crochet is more than just following the motions. It is about having a support system to get you to the next level along the way. Build knowledge and skill through a 12 course curriculum, essentially earning an associates degree in crochet! Get started on your crochet school journey with the American Crochet Association and Salena Baca.

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American Crochet Association:

The American Crochet Association is your personal journey to crochet mastery. Offering a twelve course program that’s easily managed with one new lesson every week. By the end of this crochet school you will have earned the equivalent to an associates degree in crochet!

Salena found that there wasn’t a great resource for teaching crochet from step one. She wanted to make sure that everyone could have success when learning to crochet.

Rather than wait around for someone else to come up with a solution she took it upon her self to start an education program, the American Crochet Association.

The belief at the American Crochet Association is that good habits bring great results, and that’s why they offer one new lesson each week! They want their courses to be quick, fun, easy to access, and highly rewarding! In just 30 minutes a week, you’ll master every topic that is covered!

About Salena Baca:

Salena Baca learned to crochet before grade school and has been wildly obsessed ever since!

After crocheting “in the closet” most of her life, Salena burst out after finding Ravelry in 2009. Learning that an entire world of crocheters were available to connect with was life-changing. It determined her next career move; crochet design and networking.

She began designing patterns that appealed to her style, and has formed platforms such as Salena Baca Crochet, the Design Wars Challenge, Happily Hooked MagazineThe Pattern Pack, and the American Crochet Association.

She’s published over 200 patterns, has very strong ties in the crochet and fiber arts community, and is the author of Crochet for Christmas and My Crochet Closet. Salena currently lives with her family in Oregon.

Find Salena online in the following locations:

American Crochet Association Website
Salena’s Ravelry Page
Salena on Facebook
Salena on Pinterest
American Crochet Association’s YouTube Channel

Shop Salena’s books:

Crochet books by Salena Baca

Two Simple Shapes
Crochet for Christmas
My Crochet Closet
Crochet in a Day

Salena’s Past Episodes:

This is not Salena’s first time on the Yarn Thing Podcast. We are so happy that she could come back again. She was on the show for the first time to talk about her Craftsy class, Modern Crochet Afghans: Color & Texture. Salena was also on the podcast to talk about her book release for My Crochet Closet. She has also been on the show to tell us all about the ACA (American Crochet Association) and their new teaching crochet classes.

If you couldn’t tell by now I love Salena and all that she is doing to move the crochet community forward. Be sure to check out what she has going on through her books, Facebook group and the ACA.

Watch to the Show:

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  1. Carleen Roberts says:

    Enjoyed learning more about the ACA and Salena Baca on today’s Yarn Thing Podcast. Marly, I would not have had such self control as you did with the ice cream. Instead of just a small taste, I would have made myself a triple scoop cone!

  2. Janetta Singleton says:

    Hey Marly Bird I ALWAYS enjoy your Podcasts. My projects for myself since the Quarantine and have more than triple in projects. Plus doing the #HatNotHate Campaign to Stop Bullying and crocheting Blue Hats. The Goal is 100,000 hats by August. Crocheting for me as I call it my “Crochet Zen”.

  3. Chris Lopez says:

    Great show with two of my favorite ladies. If there were three of you it would be a triple threat. Since Marly was eating ice cream I’ll say you’re a double scoop of wonderful!

  4. Serena Lee says:

    Loved the show! I think I will definitely need to sign up for some classes!! I can’t think of a creative way to put this in, so: triple. 😉

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