8 Free Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Patterns

8 Free Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Crochet Patterns: shawls, cushion, vest, top, blanket. Marly Bird

Red Heart has introduced a few new yarns this year and will continue over the next year as well. One of those new yarns is Super Saver Ombre. Super Saver is Red Heart’s biggest-selling yarn, and they are stepping it up a notch with this new Ombre yarn.

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Many people have been loving the Cake Yarns that are out on the market but those are not a gradient yarn like the Super Saver Ombre yarn. Red Heart made the Ombre Super Saver Yarn in a generous ball size so you can make beautiful projects with just ONE ball!

Super Saver Ombre is a tonal yarn that gradually shifts from one color to the next. The colors in the ball are all variations of the same color. Throughout the ball the colors will go from light to dark and back again. Depending on the look you want you can choose to start your project at any of the colors. Red Heart is offering 12 colors in the Ombre yarn giving you a lot of choices.

Red Heart has a selection free patterns on their website using the Ombre yarn. Although Red Heart has some great patterns for you I found 8 other FREE crochet patterns from some of favorite designers that I wanted to share with you. Be sure to add these projects to your Ravelry project list and show these amazing designers some love.

8 Free Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Crochet Patterns. Marly Bird

Crochet Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn Patterns:

Crochet Beachy Keen Shawl by NaztaziaCrochet Beachy Keen Shawl

Designed By: Naztazia

Materials Needed for the Beachy Keen Shawl: 

Other Notes:

This pattern comes with a PDF download and a video tutorial to show you how to make the shawl.

View pattern details on the Naztazia website. 

Crochet Briar Rose Shawl by Posh Pooch Designs

Crochet Briar Rose Shawl

Designed By: Posh Pooch Designs

Materials Needed:

Other Notes:

This pattern comes with a video tutorial.

View pattern details on the Posh Pooch Designs website.

Crochet Coraline's Endless Summer - cold shoulder top by Simply Collectible crochet.

Crochet Coraline’s Endless Summer

Designed By: Simply Collectible Crochet

Materials Needed:

View pattern details on the Simply Collectible Crochet website.

Lunar Crossing Square Blanket by Kim Guzman

Lunar Crossing Square Blanket

Designed By: Kim Guzman

Materials Needed:

View pattern details on the CrochetKim website.

Netherlee Flower Pillow by Melody Rodgers

Netherlee Flower Pillow

Designed By: Melody Rodgers

Materials Needed:

View pattern details on the Melody’s Makings website.

Ocean Breeze Scarf by Oombawka Designs

Ocean Breeze Scarf

Designed By: Rhondda M

Materials Needed:

Other Notes:

This pattern contains a photo tutorial on how to make the tassels.

View pattern details on the Oombawka Designs website.

Reign Shawl by Cre*tion Crochet

Reign Shawl

Designed By: Lorene Eppolite

Materials Needed:

View pattern details on the Cre8tion Crochet Website.

Spring Sun Mandala Vest by Yarnutopia

Spring Sun Mandala Vest

Designed By: Nadia Fuad

Materials Needed:

View pattern details on the Yarnutopia website.

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