8 FREE Crochet Sun Hats Patterns to Stylishly Shade Yourself This Summer

Crochet sun hats are terrific summer projects. First of all, they give you instant gratification – make it, wear it. Second, they quickly and easily dress up your summer wardrobe with handmade flair. Finally, they’re small, light, and made with summer-friendly fibers. Therefore, you can enjoy crafting them as much as you enjoy wearing them. Crochet sun hats make great gifts, are good for all ages, and might even be a new project for you.

Free Crochet Patterns for Summer Sun Hats - Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

8 FREE Crochet Sun Hats Patterns

Here are the top 8 free crochet sun hats patterns we recommend.

1. Crochet June Sun Hat by Sewrella

Crochet June Sun Hat - Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

The wide brim makes this one of the best crochet sun hats patterns. It gives you all of the shade that you need during those sunny summer days. Moreover, it’s super stylish. It’s a chic addition to any wardrobe whether for poolside or park days.

2. Floppy Crochet Sun Hat by Heart Hook Home

Crochet Sun Hats Patterns- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

Here’s another wide-brim crochet sun hats pattern. It has a wider, floppy brim. You’ll use crochet thread to make this pattern. This is a great lightweight yarn choice for summer! Then you’ll starch it to get the shape that you want. It’s easier than you might think.

3. Stop & Rewind Sun Hat by A Crocheted Simplicity

Crochet Sun Hat Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

This is an easy, adorable crochet sun hats pattern. Moreover, in addition to adult sizes, this has children’s and doll sizes as well. You could easily make these for the whole family.

4. Wide Brim Sun Hat by Jenny and Teddy

Wide Brim Crochet Sun Hat pattern- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

A great brim is one of the best characteristics of good crochet sun hats patterns. This one shows how you can have a lacy, openwork design on the brim. It’s fun to crochet. Moreover, it allows you to get both breeze and shade when you wear it. This is a winner, for sure.

5. Amazing Grace Blissful Summer Hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Bulky Cotton Crochet Sun Hats pattern- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

Working with bulky yarn in the summer can sound terrible. However, don’t discount it. It’s all about choosing the right bulky yarn. For example, working with cotton yarn can be cooling and comfortable, even in a bulky weight. The benefit, of course, is that this hat works up quickly thanks to that smart yarn choice. You get a bucket hat with a roll-up brim in a great two-color design.

6. Let The Sun Shine Hat Pattern by My Hobby is Crochet

Let The Sun Shine Crochet sun hat pattern- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

This crochet hat pattern uses front crossed and back crossed double crochet stitches. Otherwise, the stitches are basic. Therefore, you can learn something new without too much stress when you make this women’s crochet sun hat this summer.

7. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Sun Hat from Yarnspirations

Yellow Crochet Sun Hat Pattern- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

The bright yellow color makes this a terrific summer hat. It’s bold, fun, and sunny. Worked primarily in double crochet stitches using cotton yarn, this is a quick and easy make.

8. Caron SS Crochet Ribbing Hat

Caron SS Crochet Ribbing Hat Free Pattern- Free Crochet Digital Pattern - Marly Bird

This isn’t a traditional crochet sun hat. It’s a bit thicker thanks to the dense ribbed texture. However, it’s perfect for cooler summer evenings. Moreover, it has a distinctly nautical feel that’s perfect for summer styling.

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