Best Ever Beach Crochet Cover Up Patterns

Getting ready for the beach or pool usually means getting out a cover up of some sort for the trip there and back. A cover up is a great way to add a light layer to keep the sun off without making you too hot. Plus, you add a bit of style to your summer outfit without a lot of effort. There are so many great beach crochet cover up patterns that I wanted to put some together so you could get started on yours for the summer. Which one is your favorite?

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The Shore Thing Crochet Cover-Up Dress

This is one of the best crochet cover up patterns ever. The Shore Thing is a free Yarnspirations pattern that uses a super fine #1 yarn weight to create such a perfect lightweight coverup.

The pattern consists of simple rectangles and triangles that you piece together into unique, but easy, construction. I’ve created a video tutorial for this crochet pattern to help you along.

Throw it over any swimsuit but know that you can also line it or where it over a slip and it serves as a sophisticated casual summer dress. 

Fun In The Sun Crochet Beach Cover Up

crochet beach cover up convertible blanket

Although The Shore Thing is one of the most popular crochet cover up patterns, I’m partial to this one. Admittedly, I designed it. But I think it holds up as a great design. It’s worked in cotton, which is the perfect yarn for both crafting and wearing during the warm summer months.

I think this design has a really flattering fit. I love that you can wear it over a swimsuit or over a tank and jeans. But guess what’s really cool about this design? It’s a convertible blanket. That’s right; when you hit the beach, you take it off, unfold it, and you have a beach blanket!

Aunt Lydia’s Beach Time Crochet Cover Up

cotton crochet beach cover up pattern

Aunt Lydia’s is one of the most popular brands of cotton yarn, so this is another of the most popular crochet cover up patterns to hit the beach. It’s an easy crochet pattern that’s worked in two panels and closed with a simple crochet belt at the waist. This one works over any swimsuit.

V-Neck Fringed Cover Up


This was actually designed as more of a poncho-style cover-up, not necessarily intended for the beach. However, it actually works great for the beach. It’s got that Coachella-style fringe and bell sleeves. The openwork lace will show off your swimsuit without showing off too much.

South Beach Cover Up Crochet Dress

crochet beach cover up dress pattern

This crochet pattern is usually listed among roundups of crochet dresses. However, it’s actually a beach cover up. Of course, it definitely works as a cute summer dress with the right lining. However, it also stands out as a striking cover-up for your swimsuit. Pieces like this that do double duty in the closet are extra perfect for summer packing!

North Shore Crochet Beach Cover Up

maxi dress beach cover up crochet pattern

Many beach crochet cover up patterns are designed as short dresses, about the size of an oversized tee thrown on atop your swimsuit, which I know a lot of us have done. This one, however, is an openwork lace maxi dress style. Wowza.

Kids’ Rainbow Beach Cover Up

kids beach cover up crochet patterns

Crochet cover up patterns aren’t just for grown-ups. Kids need something easy to pull on over their swimsuits if they need an extra layer. And this is the perfect design. Intended for toddlers, this rainbow beach cover up is fun, fun, fun.

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