22 Best Fall Knit Sweater Patterns for Women and Men

Knitters love sweater weather! And I am no exception. I love to design and wear knit sweaters. And, of course, many of these are perfect for autumn. Here are some of the fall knit sweater patterns I’ve designed for you.

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Pullover Fall Knit Sweater Patterns

There are so many different styles of fall sweaters. However, the pullover is the classic design. It’s cozy and warm. It works as a layering piece but also works on its own. I’ve designed a few knit pullovers over the years, including my most recent design:

My Favorite Knit Sweater Pattern

favorite knit sweater pattern

The newest of my fall knit sweater designs is a two-color offset stripes design with an extremely flattering fit suitable for all body sizes. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear horizontal stripes. This sweater shows you can! Wear it all autumn and into winter!

My First Knit Sweater Pattern

my first knit sweater free pattern

This was originally a KAL. It’s designed to teach you how to knit a sweater from the ground up, so it’s a great beginner knitter sweater. There are video tutorial instructions for each part.

Katie Knit Sweater Pattern

perfect fall knit sweater patterns

The deep raglan shaping and the Dolman sleeves, coupled with the dramatic ribbing at the bottom and beautiful cowl at the neck, make this piece really stand out!

Henly-Etta Chic Sweater Knit Pattern

I used color blocking to create interesting designs here. Then, for more fun details, I added stripes to one arm. This is a soft sweater, designed with merino wool, perfect for autumn.

Feather Chic Knit Sweater and Removable Cowl

Feather Chic Knit Sweater and Removable Cowl

This might be one of my best fall knit sweater patterns in terms of versatility. It’s a knit pullover with a removable cowl. It’s super cozy and warm, yet you can take the cowl off if it gets too hot.

Smokey Graphite Crewneck Knit Sweater Pattern

This is a top-down in the round knit raglan sweater for any gender.

This is a top-down in-the-round knit raglan sweater for any gender. This is another of my most versatile fall knit sweater patterns.

Lace Knit Pullover Patterns

These fall knit sweater patterns are also pullovers, but they’re designed with lace or lace details. They’re great for layering or for warmer autumn days.

Blackberry Boatneck Free Knit Sweater Pattern

Free Knit Pattern Blackberry Boatneck Sweater by Marly Bird™

This is a soft lace merino/silk knit sweater. Super soft and great for layering.

Lace Panel Pullover Knit Sweater Pattern

lace panel knit pullover pattern

This is more of a traditional solid sweater, except it has a beautifully detailed lace panel on the front. It also has thumb holes!

Bella Donna Knit Sweater Pattern

knit autumn sweater pattern

In this knit pullover pattern, the lace is on the sleeves.

Fall Knit Cardigan Patterns

Knit pullovers are great, but cardigans are also important for an autumn wardrobe. Here are some of the ones I’ve designed:

Steeked Knit Cardigan with Pockets

steeked knit cardigan with cables

This was originally a KAL, so you get tons of information to help you along the way as you knit this cardigan.

VOTE Knit Cardigan Pattern

Vote Knit Sweater Pattern

This chunky knit hooded cardigan is so cozy. And it has pockets! If you don’t want to add “vote” on the back, choose another word (like love) or leave it the solid color.

MMMDI Knit Cardigan Pattern

striped knit cardigan pattern with pockets

Can you tell I like my knit cardigans to have pockets? This is a beginner-friendly garter stitch knit cardigan pattern.

Lazy Day Chic Sweater Pattern

knit autumn cardigan with hood

Oversized, comfy, hooded, casual double moss stitch knit cardigan pattern.

Lipstick Cardigan Knit Pattern

lipstick knit cardigan pattern

This cardigan is tailored in the back with lots of drape and swing in front, making it fun and flattering to wear.

Southern Scallop Sweater

feminine fall sweater pattern

This is a textured feminine fall sweater.

Opening Night Knit Cardigan Sweater Pattern

knit cardigan sweater pattern

We coupled together a luscious yarn and a dramatic trim in a pattern that will quickly become a favorite to make as well as to wear.

Trail Hoodie Knit Pattern

trail hoodie knit pattern

A textured knit hoodie with pockets that’s perfect for autumn and winter.

Knitted Cocoon Cardigan Pattern

cozy knit cocoon cardigan pattern

Have you checked out my Creativebug classes and patterns? This knit cocoon pattern, oversized with fitted cuffs, is available when you sign up with them.

Honeycomb Swing Jacket Knit Pattern

knit swing jacket pattern

I didn’t plan to include any short-sleeved knit sweater patterns in this roundup. However, this one is just too perfect for fall. The color and texture are just divine for all things autumn. Wear it belted or open.

Men’s Fall Knit Sweater Patterns

I’ve designed a few men’s fall knit sweater patterns in my time, too. Check them out:

Cobalt Cables Knit Sweater Pattern

men's fall knit sweater patterns

This classic cable knit sweater in a gorgeous color can also be worn in wintertime.

Ribbed Knit Sweater Pattern with Zipper

men's ribbed knit cardigan pattern with zipper

You can easily dress this up or wear it more casually.

Nottingham Knit Sweater for Men

men's knit sweater pattern for fall

Heathered yarn makes the knit cables on this zippered, collared cardigan.

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