150+ Free Halloween Decorations and Costumes Patterns

All the Halloween patterns you need are here! Decorate your home with projects big and small, and make costumes for babies, kids, teens, and adults! Altogether, we have compiled more than 150 free Halloween decorations and costumes with knit and crochet patterns. We’ve organized them into different categories so you can easily find the patterns you need.

A Roundup of Roundups

We’ve already shared loads of Halloween patterns with you so we rounded up the roundups. Now they’re all in one place! Plus we’ve added some extra free Halloween decorations and costumes knit and crochet patterns. We want to make sure we didn’t miss anything you might want to make this Halloween!

Free Halloween decorations and costumes - patterns to knit and crochet - curated by Marly Bird. Bags, rats, bowls, blankets, pumpkins, hats, skeletons, spiders.

29 Free Knit and Crochet Pumpkin and Jack o’ Lantern Projects

Of all of the free Halloween decorations and costumes knit and crochet patterns available, pumpkins are always a popular choice. After all, it’s the season for pumpkin lattes and cold brews, pumpkin pies, muffins, and cheesecakes. So check out these more than two dozen free knit and crochet pumpkin patterns. Let’s get decorating for fall!

Free pumpkin patterns to crochet and knit - Marly Bird. Individual stuffed crochet and knit pumpkins in various colors, blankets, and more.

10 Free Bats and Vampire Knit and Crochet Projects

Bats and vampires are always a great, freaky, and gory choice for adding some Halloween spookiness to your knit or crochet home decor. And they work really well on accessories for simple costumes too. Click on the link above or the image below to see which creepy flying creature you’ll be crafting next.

6 images of knit and crochet bat items: mobile, cape, bag, hairband, hat, cloth.

18 Free Halloween Decorations and Costumes: Witch and Black Cat

We like to try to find things that you’ve never made before. So, we did this roundup of witches and black cat patterns. We think some of the most original designs are in this roundup.

Collage of 9 images of witch and black cat knit and crochet patterns. Patterns include hats, capes, legwarmers, dog sweater, cat costume, wall decor, t-shirt motif.

23 Free Pirate, Skull and Skeleton Knit and Crochet Patterns

Pirates and skeletons go together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t they? They’re a natural fit! And we found some fabulous knit and crochet patterns that are sure to please. Ladies and pets are included too, so there’s no excuse to NOT dress up this Halloween! These pirate and skeleton knit and crochet patterns are also great for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ and other random and unusual holidays throughout the year.

Over 14 different pirate and skeleton knit and crochet patterns - free Halloween decorations and costumes. Marly Bird. Patterns include pirate hats, skeleton amigurumi, skull wreath, dog costume, hats, blanket, mittens, slippers, pirate wench costume, child's hoodie.

21 Free Knit and Crochet Monster Projects

There are spooky monsters and there are cute monsters. And they all make great free Halloween decorations and costumes knit and crochet patterns. So, check out this cute, scary, and colorful selection we’ve pulled together for you. We’ve found everything from trick-or-treat bags to hats and sweaters, because you know it’ll likely be cold. Youngsters are sure to appreciate the little monsters if you’d rather not give out candy.

9 image collage of knit and crochet monster patterns, including: slippers, bag, sweater, amigurumi monsters, hats, jar cozies, dog costume.
Free Halloween decorations and costumes.

23 Free Ghosts and Spiders Knit and Crochet Patterns

Ghosts and spiders are suitable for any and every Halloween. So, have we got a collection for you?! From black widows to Casper-style friendly ghosts, we’ve got you covered for ghosts and spiders.

Knit patterns for these creepy creatures are hard to find, so if you stumble across some, do let us know so we can share them here. But, we do have lots of creepy crochet patterns. If you’re a knitter who’d love to learn to craft these crochet creepies, then we can help! Join the wait list here for BiCrafty Bootcamp for knitters who want to learn crochet.

Spiders and ghosts Halloween knit and crochet patterns - 10 images - free Halloween decorations and costumes. Spiders and ghost patterns including bowl, spiders, hat, earrings, wreath, wall decor, coasters, and more. Marly Bird

11 Free Halloween Decorations and Costumes: Candy Corn

Once candy corn hits the stores, you know that fall and Halloween are on the way. This small honey-sweet triangular snack (which is especially good mixed with salted peanuts) doesn’t just taste good. It also has those vivid Halloween colors which make the design perfect for all kinds of fall decor.

Brighten up your Halloween decor with some of these cute, cozy, candy corn knit and crochet patterns.

Candy corn knit and crochet patterns. 9 images: candy corn wall decor, cone, scrubby, blanket, baby bunting, earrings, hat, bag, dog sweater. Marly Bird

Halloween Decorations

These decorations don’t really fit into the other categories above, but they’re still perfect for your Halloween fun! Whether you want to add color to your home or display your love of Halloween on yourself or the outside of your home, we have something that will fit you perfectly!

Halloween Costumes

There’s always more room for crochet or knit Halloween costumes! Don’t you agree? Hey – if you already have the yarn, then why not create? Here are more ideas for fun, yarny Halloween costumes!

We have loads more round-ups here that also have fun hats and costumes ready for your crafting pleasure! Be sure to check them out. You never know…we might have just the costume you or your kiddo wants for Halloween.

Happy browsing!

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