“Finally a sock tutorial that goes into depth about the construction!” 

Calling all Crocheters and Our Bicrafty Crew of Friends Ready to create socks they can fall in love with
(and slip effortlessly into your favorite shoe):

Introducing our NEW Classic and Colorful Crochet Socks Workshop

The Ultimate Sock Workshop from Marly Bird & Robyn Chachula!

Classic and Colorful Crochet Workshop
Your sock adventure begins now

Ahh... it's late October

It’s finally on the verge of your most favorite parts of the year — fall, winter, and the holiday season. 

It’s a time where you can sip hot coffee, don the cute fall boots, crochet sweaters, leggings, and of course scarves.

You’re beyond ready to create beautiful handmade gifts to give away to all of your friends and family. 


 As you scroll through your Facebook feed and look through your favorite knit and crochet groups looking for pattern ideas, you come across the *cutest* pair of socks you’d love to make.

Everything about these socks is perfect.

The pattern …

The yarn …

The colors...

The Problem?

All the patterns you actually like are knit socks… and the few crochet ones you do see remind you of little booties, are way too simple, or the patterns used are just stripes with variegated yarn (which is definitely not pleasing to the eye or the foot). 

CCC Crochet Frustration
The look you make when you can't find the right pattern online

“Why do the knitters get to have all the fun?” you sigh to yourself as you keep searching...

Sock envy begins to slowly take over, and you silently wish upon a yarn stash that there was a way you could crochet socks that fit right, feel right, and look right.

After mishmashing together patterns and tutorials from mixed sources… at this point, you’re starting to feel disillusioned about the whole process and wondering if you can even pull this whole sock thing off.

Friend, It’s time to drop the old-school way of crocheting socks with thick fabric and the wrong stitches and learn how to make beautiful crochet socks that actually fit into your shoes, keep your feet warm, and are a delight to make. 

Good News!

We know the secret sauce to socks and are sharing our recipe with you.

It ALL boils down to:

The right yarn choices
The right stitches
The perfect teacher (or two 😉)
A crochet sock you can fall in love with AND slip effortlessly into your favorite shoe

We've finally cracked the code to the crochet sock

Learn from the master sock crocheter and you too will become a sock master!
Join us inside...

Classic and Colorful Crochet Socks Workshop

Our NEW online workshop designed to show beginners through advanced crocheters (and our bicrafty friends, too) how to create a sock you can fall in love with and slip effortlessly into your favorite shoe. 

Today’s Price $39.99

When you enroll in The Classic Colorful Crochet Socks Workshop you’ll receive:


Beautiful patterns with clear instructions: an 86-page E-book that includes materials list, yarn substitution lists, sizing charts, six toe-up and four toe-down patterns, full-color photos, plus a stitch dictionary.


We’re dripping out over 15 instructional videos with over 25 hours of tutorials covering everything you need to know to crochet a “fit-me-perfect” sock. We’ll discuss sock anatomy, yarn choice, color selection, sock design, structure, heels, cuffs, customization, stitch patterns, clean, care and more!


Classic and Colorful Crochet Workshop
These ladies make socks fun

Today’s Price = $39.99

+ A Clean-and-Care Bonus!

Clean and Care Bonus

Care for your crochet and handmade items.

But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Learn how to “wash, rinse, and repeat” for years of wear and enjoyment. You’ll be surprised at how easy it really is to have fresh, clean and cared for socks! An additional $5.99 value for FREE!

+ A Delightful Darning Bonus!

Oh Darn It Bonus

I usually don’t wear these socks out in public” said no Classic and Colorful Crochet Sock purchaser — ever!

We’ve saved the best for last! Order now you’ll also receive:

Discover little-known stitching techniques that can turn ANY crochet project damaged with holes into something comfy and good-as-new! A $5.99 value for FREE!

We’ve Got a Sockin’ Awesome Guarantee

We want you to be thrilled and feeling great about your new socks (the gift-giving, stocking-stuffing, run-a-pair-over-to-your-neighbor kinda proud). But if for whatever reason you’re not loving it — or having fun creating in the process — simply email us within 5 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Still Curious?

You may be wondering…



“Finally a sock tutorial that goes into depth about the construction!” Inside, Robyn and I will guide you through the world of color crochet socks in a way you’ve never seen or experienced before! This is an organized and professional, in-depth course that goes over and above what you’ve seen in a free PDF. If you want to be sure you can actually wear socks you made in your *own* shoes, this workshop’s for you! 



Short answer: yes. And quickly, too! These aren’t your average socks, friends. You’re going to gain the confidence you need to design and create beautiful custom socks for your family, friends and loved ones for years to come. It’s a skill you can pass on to your children and grandchildren that never goes out of style!



Our Classic and Colorful Crochet Workshop retails for $39.99 and provides you with unlimited access to the online content, which you can come back again and again to learn and re-learn all the concepts. Best thing about sock tutorials (besides warm toes and cute comfort): what we teach you never goes out of style. It’s a skill you can use for the rest of your life – plus it’s a Toe-Riffic savings and value you don’t want to miss out on! 





Yes! We want you to have something fun to do from the comfort of your own home– without being too overwhelming. So we’ll take it step by step and you’ll be learning lots of new things each week. The content will be dripped out to you in MemberVault, our convenient online learning platform. You will receive the eBook and workshop – then on Oct 25 you will receive Clean and Care and Oh Darn It classes.



When you open the content of this fun new virtual workshop here’s what you’ll receive: the master pattern, the first part of the workshop, plus more coming-soon content added weekly and automatically to your MemverVault account.



Those who have a working knowledge of crochet and are ready to challenge themselves with a fun project. People who were knitters who are now crocheters through the Bicrafty Bootcamp: we’re going to show you how to create socks gorgeously, practically, and comfortably. Also, a fun learning opportunity for the beginner! 

Never made socks? No problem! This is a a sweet offer you can (quite literally) slip right into!

We promise you’ll be hooked after watching our easy-to-follow and confidence-boosting tutorials. Just look at what some of our sweet viewers have to say.

Classic and Colorful Crochet Workshop

Today's Price = $39.99

There’s never been a better time!

If you’re looking to make beautiful crochet socks for your friends and family for years to come (that don’t look like booties full of uncomfortable knots that leave your feet cold), you’ll definitely want to grab this fantastic workshop we’ve put together just for YOU 💖

No more crocheting socks with thick fabric and the wrong stitches. It’s time to take your yarn and hooks by the reins and learn how to make beautiful crochet socks that actually fit into your shoes, keep your feet warm, and are a blast to make. 

🎉 Come join us on the inside and learn socks the easy way!🎉

xx Marly and Robyn.